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- This is my ready face.
- Hi, friends!
- Hi.
- Oh wait, should you pop up?
Should I pop up?
- Do you want me to pop up?
- Yeah, pop out.
- I'm going down, people.
- Go down.
Are you still in?
You're kinda still in.
- I'm too big.
- Hi friends, so what's up?
I'm just hangin' out in my home away
from home, the one and only, enter.
- Hi.
- Dan Howell's home.
- 'Sup, Tyler friends.
- Oh my god.
(wheezing laugh)
- Delete the intro.
- Yikes.
- Let's just cut straight into it.
- Hi.
- I'm sorry.
- How much strange porn have you
watched since we were last together?
- I've not watched any.
You've scarred me from it completely.
- Thank you.
Who am I kidding, I google whisk--
- Right, all I get from him is DMs
of just images of whisks, so thank you.
- You're welcome.
I can't see a whisk without remembering
those times that we had together.
- I feel like it's a tender moment for us.
- It was a bit tender for her.
Still not over it.
- Stop it, please, no.
Great, now that's all I can imagine.
- Yeah, the last year of my life, that's all I've been able
to imagine. - [Tyler] What are we
doing today, what are we doing today?
- [Dan] Okay, well, you know that Seven Second Challenge
thing that Phil made that everyone did?
Well, we made an app version of it
and I've shown it to Tyler which is pretty exciting.
- So let's play.
- Okay, you're going first.
- Okay.
- Okay.
This is so close to your face.
Tyler, say five different words that mean "good."
(snaps fingers)
- Great, wonderful, splendid, lovely, amazing.
(whistle blows)
Killed it!
I am incredible.
- Am I gonna lose 'cause you've had
too much experience playing this game?
- I've also had a Red Bull, so I'm like...
- You're freakin' zazzed, you're ready to go.
- I'm freakin' zazzed.
My dad is making a c'lab with me, help.
This is definitely - [Dan] Oh my god, it's so
close to my face. - [Tyler] your angle.
- [Dan] You can lean back.
- Okay.
- Lean back. - [Tyler] I'm not gonna
lean back. - [Dan] Please lean back.
- Do a rap about the person holding the phone.
- Tyler, Tyler, I'll go eight miles for him any day.
- What, what?
- What the hell rhymes with Tyler?
- So I get to choose whether you nailed it or failed it.
I think that's a "failed it."
(whines) (laughs)
I mean, you were close.
If you had one rhyme in there.
Maybe it was...
- What rhymes with Tyler?
- Smiler.
You're such a smiler.
- Okay, stop.
Tyler, try to shape your body into a percent sign.
- A percent sign?
- Go, go.
Wait, what?
Those are my percents.
- Oh, oh.
- Wait, let me see, can we rewatch it?
- I'm gonna give that to you - [Tyler] Thank you.
- [Dan] 'cause you tried so hard.
- I was like, "A percent?"
At first all I could think of was a question mark.
- You became it.
- A percent sign?
Oh my god.
I nailed it, I nailed it.
- I'm proud of you.
- The fear at the beginning when I had to...
- A percent sign?
- Scandalized.
Okay, give me this.
- I'm ready, I'm in the zone.
- Name and do an example of five different emotions.
- Happy.
- You're done, nailed it.
That was great, that was beautiful.
- What can I say?
I'm an actor, I'm in tune with
my emotions, ready to go at any time.
- A true thespian.
- A true...
Yeah. - [Tyler] Yeah.
- [Dan] Thank you. - [Tyler] Yeah.
- [Dan] There's nothing funny about the word "thespian."
- No.
Say three things that rhyme with "clock."
- Oh, tock.
- Oh.
- I got, okay, ignore slock.
- We'll ignore slock.
You did get three and a bonus point
for not saying the obvious word.
- What's the obvious one?
- Really?
You've mellowed in these years, Tyler.
- Cock, got it.
I'm going through the alphabet.
I'm like, "sock" is great, what do you mean?
- Cock.
- Got it.
Sing a nursery rhyme about two pieces of cutlery.
♫ The fork and the spoon
♫ Had a cartoon about themselves
♫ Fork and spoon, yeah ♫
(whistle blows)
- It suddenly turned into a - [Dan] A nursery rhyme?
A nursery rhyme... - [Tyler] fun intro music...
That was good, nailed it.
- [Dan] You're too generous.
- I think you were great.
- You're way too generous.
- I think, you know what, you're learning.
- Okay, so I'm getting sympathy yeses.
- Uh huh.
- Tyler, hold up one hand.
Give a name to all of your fingers.
- Jennifer, Craig, Sloppy,
Mrs. Poo, and Henry.
Nailed it!
- What do you do with Sloppy?
How did Mrs. Poo get her name?
(wheezing laugh)
- Dan, that is inappropriate.
- That was a "nailed it," definitely.
- Mrs. Poo.
You'll be seeing more of Mrs. Poo later.
- What was that noise?
- Are you ready?
- No.
- Sing the whole "Twinkle, Twinkle,
"Little Star" song in a scary voice.
♫ Twinkle, twinkle, little star
♫ How I wonder what you are ♫
- Uh, I'm gonna say "failed it."
- I just gave myself nightmares.
- Because I think you were just grunting
and you only sang half the song.
- I felt that, ow.
- Did you like that though?
- Yeah, I felt it, ow.
- Mrs. Poo's back.
- It hurt, but then I liked it.
Tyler, talk like a dolphin answering a cell phone.
(dolphin squeal)
(dolphin squeal)
- Hello.
- I got it.
- Okay, did you sound like
an asthmatic lady dying or a dolphin?
- Asthmatic lady dolphin dying answering the cell phone.
- You carried on - [Tyler] Got it.
Thank you. - [Dan] despite a cough.
So I'm going to give that to you.
- [Tyler] Listen, I don't give up.
- I wanna watch that again.
- I don't.
- Oh, come on, come on.
(dolphin squeal)
(dolphin squeal)
- Hello.
I look like I'm blackout drunk,
actually answering a cell phone.
- Tyler after a hundred Tequilas.
- Eh, about two Tequilas.
Okay, are you ready?
- Yes.
- This is so close to your face.
Pretend your knees are stuck together and skip in a circle.
- What the hell?
- No...
Nailed it.
- I've done it.
I've reached my lowest point on YouTube.
- This is it.
- Just when I think all my dignity's gone
so I have nothing left to lose.
- And then I come back for another collab.
- And...
- That's what happens.
- Woo.
Tyler, you win.
- Oh my god, thank you so much.
- Are you proud?
- I'd like to thank everyone who believed in me.
I'd like to thank the creators of this beautiful app.
- The other YouTubers - [Tyler] Dan and Phil.
- [Dan] that you did the Seven Second Challenge
with for giving you the training that you needed
to obliterate me. - [Tyler] Truly.
I need to thank you for not believing in yourself,
and never trying
the Seven Second Challenge. - [Dan] If I had self-esteem,
then I would have won.
- [Tyler] Thank you for not believing yourself, thank you.
And thanking all of you for pushing the thumbs up button.
- Nice segway.
- That was beautiful. - [Dan] Oh my god, that was
so smooth.
- [Tyler] I wish we had segways.
And what do we do over on your channel?
- We talked about how we're YouTube trash
by playing a game of Never Have I Ever
about which one of us is the bigger YouTube stalker
and it ended up with some electrocution
so if you're into us in pain or just
talking about being a fangirl...
- We're garbage, so go enjoy that.
And wait, if you wanna get that app,
they can click the link below, right?
- You're the promo queen.
You just gave - [Tyler] That's what I'm
here for. - [Dan] me a promo?
- [Tyler] Click the link below, get the app.
- I feel like I'm done now.
I've gotten a promo from Tyler.
- We have to go, this is a lot.
- We've got a lot to do apparently.
- We have a lot to do tonight.
Miss Piggy, or what's her name?
Miss Poo, we gotta go.
Bye, friends.
- Bye.
- Cock.


【爆笑經典】朋友間的瘋狂挑戰 (The 7 Second Challenge (ft. Dan Howell) | Tyler Oakley)

1602 分類 收藏
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