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How to Use an Airline E-Ticket. An e-ticket provides information from your airline's computer
database, including your name, the date and time of your flight, and your seating assignment.
Get to your next destination with an airline e-ticket. You will need: a computer with an Internet access, a Travel
agent, a debit or credit card, an E-mail address, photo identification and a printer. Optional: a record locator
Step 1. Research online for the best airfare and accommodations for your upcoming flight.
Step 2. Contact your preferred airline directly or use a travel agent;
or buy your ticket online with a debit or credit card. You will need your name, address, phone number,
e-mail address, destination, travel dates, and credit card information. Step 3. Check
your e-mail for your confirmation and print the documents detailing your trip. Step 4.
Log on to your airline's website and look for an online check-in tab. Enter your last name
and record locator, which will allow you to pick your seat on the plane,
check bags, and print your boarding pass. Step 5. If you don't check in online, check in with
your airline at the counter or self-serve kiosk to claim your ticket and boarding pass.
Have your government-issued photo identification and the credit card you used to purchase the
ticket ready. Did you know According to the International Air Transport Association, the
switch to total e-ticketing will save approximately 50,000 mature trees each year.


【旅遊生活】如何使用的航空電子機票 (How to Use an Airline E-Ticket)

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