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The artists at Walt Disney Animation may have traded their pencils and notepads for computers
and keyboards over the years, but not everything has changed. Decades of Disney heroes are
too beloved to be forgotten, which means plenty of Easter Eggs, secret cameos, and inside
jokes to watch out for. Here is our list of 10 Hidden Details in Disney Movies.
Long before Anna, Elsa, and Olaf became household names, the makers of Frozen had a party to plan.
Being named Queen of Arrendale may have stressed Elsa out, but it also meant the gates
of the castle would finally be opened to villagers and visiting guests. When Anna finally steps
out of the gates, two arriving villagers should stand out to Disney fans: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider,
the stars of Disney's Tangled.
Big Hero 6
As one of the most successful movies Disney has ever released, we're willing to bet the
Easter Eggs and references to Frozen are just beginning. The minds behind Big Hero 6 are
clearly fans - and hold a serious grudge against Hans, the would-be king who tried to kill
both of Frozen's leading ladies. A statue of Hans can be seen for just a moment before
Baymax destroys it while trying out his new armor. If that weren't enough, his face can
be seen gracing a Wanted poster in a San Fransokyo police station.
The Little Mermaid
It seems Disney animators never miss a chance to fill crowd scenes with iconic characters
from other movies and cartoons, even before Easter Eggs were mandatory. When King Triton
assembles the underwater masses in the opening scene of The Little Mermaid, eagle-eyed viewers
can spot Donald Duck, Goofy, and Mickey Mouse in the crowd. And it isn't just Disney mascots
who get in on the fun, either: Kermit the Frog can be seen just a few rows behind them.
Lilo & Stitch
You don't have to be a princess just to star in a Disney adventure, only willing to don
a disguise to protect your family - and belt out a few musical numbers too. Mulan learned
that for herself when she pretended to be a man to join China's forces against the invading
Huns in Disney's retelling of the classic story. Its message must have struck a chord
with the cast of Lilo and Stitch, since a poster of Mulan hangs on Lilo's mother Nani's wall,
and the family even passes a restaurant called "Mulan Wok" when first adopting the
trouble-making alien.
Trading a human or animal star for a robotic one, Wall-E was a major turning point for
Pixar as a whole, relying less on dialogue than ever before. Set in a future where mankind
has turned Earth into one massive landfill and headed into space, Wall-E is just one
maintenance robot left behind. He's put his time to good use, too, collecting dozens of
trinkets and souvenirs to store in his home. When Wall-E first enters his house in the
movie, one Toy Story character can be seen hidden behind a pair of bowling pins.
How Rex managed to survive the man-made end of the world isn't clear, but if he did survived,
then there's reason to believe that Woody and the gang were still alive off-screen as well
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Few Disney movies can compete with the number of cameos tucked into The Hunchback of Notre
Dame, with the opening scene alone featuring a vendor selling Aladdin's magic carpet, and
Beauty and the Beast's Belle out for a morning stroll. The Lion King jokester Pumbaa seems
the odd one out, but his other cameo in the films climax is even better: proudly standing guard as a stone gargoyle.
When Pixar was made an official branch of Walt Disney Animation, the tradition of Easter
Eggs and cameos was just one thing both studios could agree on - even if it made no sense
to the story being told. It's strange enough that among the wooden carvings being sold
by the Witch in Brave is the same Pizza Planet delivery truck included in every Pixar film.
But the carved image of Sully, the furry star of the wildly successful Monsters, Inc. shows
that even witches need to worry about what's hiding in their closet.
Beauty and the Beast
One of the best known Pixar Easter Eggs is the label "A113", the classroom at the California
Institute of Technology where many of the company's earlier animators learned their trade.
But the California locations are nothing new: in Beauty and The Beast, Maurice and Felipe
find themselves lost in a terrifying forest, with a worn-out signpost offering little help.
But a closer look shows arrows pointing to both Valencia, where the school
is located, and Anaheim, home to Disneyland.
In what may be Pixar’s most unconventional tale to date, Ratatouille follows a rat with
a flair for the culinary arts, and a young man named Linguini who hopes to become a great
chef, but lacks the skills to do it. The pair realizes success means combining their talents,
but actually working together poses a serious challenge. When Linguini considers smuggling
Remy into the kitchen in his pants, the rat isn’t on board. But the biggest reveal of
the scene is Linguini’s underwear, shown to be patterned with the logo of Mr. Incredible,
the star of The Incredibles.
A Dog Eat Dog World
There's one fact that no one can deny: the Disney animators are most certainly dog people.
And what's better than a canine adventure? How about a shared universe of them? 101 Dalmatians
has enough spotted dogs in a single family to worry about, but when the call goes out
that the pups are in trouble, Lady and the Tramp can be seen in the city streets, along
with their canine co-stars Jock and Peg. The litter's father, Pongo also makes a Cameo
in Oliver & Company, along with Jock, Peg, and the always loyal Trusty.
So what do you think of our list? Did we miss any of your favorite Disney easter eggs or
inside jokes? Let us know in our comment section and don't forget to subscribe to our channel
for more videos like this one.



【迪士尼電影】10個你不知道的迪士尼小秘密 (10 Hidden Details in Disney Movies)

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