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Welcome back, everyone.
We have so many new staff members, so many new teachers returning in our district
And we welcome you today to the 2015-2016 school year.
I hope that the summer was incredible
And I know the school year is going to be incredible as well.
And it's almost ready to begin
Just one more day left
The students will be arriving soon
And will begin a new academic year
So what's on your mind exactly?
Maybe you're thinking about the three different preps that you'll be teaching
and pondering which PLC you are going to be a part of
or perhaps you're a new teacher, who is just hoping to finish your first week of planning before the students arrive.
or maybe , you're that grade level team of teachers working at one of our elementary schools
trying to get your classroom ready in time for school to start on Monday
Regardless of where you are as a teacher
Our district wants you to be ready for this new school year
Now, I know that we have only one...
One day more!
Another year and one more planning day.
As we start this road to the end of May
These students who in spring were here will surely come again this year.
One day more!
I am not ready for today
What shall I do once school has started?
One day more!
Tomorrow you'll be halls away
Because the summer now has parted
One more day all on my own
Do we know the common core?
No more time for preparation
Will my lesson be a bore?
I've run out of planning time
Please collaborate with me
Soon the students will be here
One more day before we started.
Do I join her for PD?
Learning targets bring you freedom
Shall I join their PLC?
Common assessments shall be made
Formative or summative?
Will you come and plan with me?
The time is now, the day is here
One day more!
One more day to education, we will help these students grow
We'll be ready for these schoolboys
We will teach what they don't know
Watch'em run around, catch'em if they fall
Making sure the classroom's ready for them all
Here's a little crayon, there's a little glue
Markers, pens, and pencils, they know what to do!
One day to a new begining
Raise the flag and say the pledge!
Every student will arrive
And I hope I will survive
There's a new world for the teaching
There's a new world to be taught
Do you hear the school bells ring?
All right, I'll join your PLC!
One day more!
Tomorrow we'll discover what our God in Heaven has in store
One more dawn
One more day
One day more!



【老師版悲慘世界】你聽過老師們唱悲慘世界主題曲嗎?讓你驚豔! (Flash Mob "One Day More" (Les Mis...with CC subtitles) - West Des Moines Schools - Welcome Back)

16963 分類 收藏
Vivi Lee 發佈於 2015 年 9 月 3 日    Vivi Lee 翻譯    葉子維 審核
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