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Five innocent words with dirty origins
When you eat avocado you're putting balls in your mouth,
the word avocado comes from Nahuatl language of the Aztecs
from the word Ahuakatl which aslo means testicle.
In 1915, a group of farmers in Los Angeles decided these wrinkly little fruits needed a rebranding.
Ahuakatl is hard to pronounce and you know it was a scrotum
So Ahuakatl became avocado.
and now your health conscious friend don't need to think about
how they're making testicle toast
and the other word of the sauce Molli also combined to Ahuakatl to make Huaka Molli.
which of course means that Huaka Molli is literally...
Ball sauce! who wants to try my ball sauce? it's my special recipe!
Ah porcelain! so smooth so white so much like a pig's vagina!
Porcelain comes from the ltalian word porcellana meaning cowry shells.
So named because both are exceptionally smooth
but cowry shells were called porcellana, it is a variation of the word, porcella meaning young sow.
why? because someone thought cowry shells look like a little pig vulvas
which might make you less excited about eating off procelain
and make certain compliments less romantic.
You're so beautiful. you have skin like a pig's vagina.
A partridge is a bird whose name kind of stinks,
the word partridge comes from the old French Pertis,
which comes from the Latin perdicem,
which comes from the Greek Perdix from the greek verb perdesthai,
which means fart.
The partridge was given its name because people thought of the low vibrating sound of the partridge flapping its wings
sounded like a deep sonorous fart.
Do you hear that ? the fart's getting away! oh no! I wanted to eat that fart!
Just something to think about next christmas.
(singing christmas songs)
Punk seems pretty tough now, but it wasn't always the case.
Shakespeare actually used the word punk in All's Well That Ends Well.
But for him a taffety punk was a well-dressed whore.
Overtime, punk was picked up as a part of hobo slang.
Refering to a young probably gay companion accompanying an older hobo.
Hey, Hooo, Let's go!
But the 1920's punk means to meet any young person,
who was probably up to no good.
which is likely the meaning Dave Marsh had in mind when he coined the term ''punk rock''.
In the May 1971 issued of Creem
but considering the many changes in the word punk it could mean all kinds of things.
Mastadon, giant hairy elephant and they've got a mouth full of boobs.
The word Mastodon comes from the Greek word Masto meaning breast
and odont meaning tooth.
making a mastodont meaning breast tooth.
because the guy who first found the Mastodon jaw
noticed some comical bumps on the molars that he thought...
they look like nipples! Don't you think they look like nipples?
kind of. nope, not at all.
Yes, they do. Don't take these away from me. I'm so lonely.
Sure, buddy. Sure, they do.
So, there you have it.
the world is more full of breast, butts, balls, whores and pussies then you ever dreamed.
Hi, it's Mike Tran, from CollegeHumor.
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【生活英文】五個起源超出乎意料的單字!5 Innocent Words With Dirty Origins

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