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getting rid of homelessness know what im saying ?
getting rid of it getting rid of it
that's the that's the challenge you know what I'm saying that's the challenge and
everything man
get everybody back on their feet
get everybody to live
live a life that they should be livin
the best way to describe skidrow
what's happening man? what's happening?
what up man? what's up? what's up man? chillen. The feeling that you get of walking around
on skidrow it's like the place where like ambitions just die
it's like
the people who were just forgotten
by our society
don't nobody high and mighty come down here. well you know you know I'm trying I'm trying to help yall out
to help yall out I got to see what's
going on on you know what I mean. thank you thank you, I was walking
down skidrow
the reaction was
what are you doing here
nobody comes down here because
nobody cares about what we're doing down here
so what are you doing down here? oh damn dude
how long have you been doing that for? a while man. No kidding?
Ok that's whats up man. Where did you find out you had that talent
Man since jump been robbing joints forever. No kidding.
When I'm driving downtown leaving the staple center arena after a game and skidrow is literally
a few blocks away
but it's not something that really registers it's just something you look over
because homelessness has been a part of our culture for so many years it's something that
kind of fades to the background without
you really driving by and really thinking about the person's
story of how did it get to this point and what's keeping them there
the hardest part really about it is you know is understanding that
it's hard to help people who don't want to be helped
that don't that don't
know that they need help
so you kind of gotta wait on most till they ready
to receive that help
now that's the tough part about it
we can easily sit back and say well
they made their bed now they have to lie in it
but what type of people are we to do that
we've all made mistakes and if you have the ability
to be able to lend a helping hand to help somebody get back on their feet
to correct their life to right
their wrong why aren't we doing it ?
eh man I'm trying I'm trying to get rid of the homelessnes man
I'm trying to get rid homelessness man
first of all I got to come down here to figure what the heck is going on and the best way to help yall out I'm gonna try to figure out the best way
to get yall on yall feet and get that opportunity yall
need to be getting
thats what needs to be done because yall have been ignored down here yall can't be getting ignored like that next step is
to continue on with the mission and uh raticaking
homelessness raising awareness about the issue and
uh... to the fight one battle at a time but
I think my passion is equal to the task


Kobe Bryant 實境秀-與流浪者對話:Kobe篇 (Kobe | Mission: Kobe Bryant | Homeless in LA | TakePart TV)

6429 分類 收藏
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