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  • How to Save Money on Your Beauty Routine. You don't have to compromise your looks to

  • economizeyou just have to know a few tricks. You will need Mascara Dollar store

  • conditioner Petroleum jelly Olive oil Sugar Cayenne pepper Cinnamon A lip brush Cotton

  • swabs The occasional splurge and men's shaving cream (optional). Step 1. Buy expensive mascara

  • just once; after it runs out, wash and save the brush. The main difference between mascaras

  • is the wand, not the makeup. Apply new, cheaper mascara with the brush that comes with it,

  • then use your old one to fluff and separate your lashes. A dried-out mascara wand also

  • makes a great eyebrow brush. Step 2. Replace your shaving cream with dollar-store hair

  • conditioner; it works every bit as well. Or use a brand made for men; they're usually

  • less expensive. Get an unscented one if you don't want a "manly" fragrance. Step 3. Buy

  • a big jar of generic petroleum jelly. It can serve as clear lip gloss, lip balm, makeup

  • remover, under-eye moisturizer, and foot and hand cream. If you have just a smidgen of

  • lipstick left in the tube, mix it with petroleum jelly and use as lip gloss. Step 4. Use olive

  • oil as a multitasker: To condition hair, rub one tablespoon on scalp, wrap in a warm towel,

  • and let it sit for 20 minutes before shampooing out. For silky skin, pour some into your bath

  • water. To turn it into an exfoliant, just add some sugar. Step 5. Plump your lips for

  • pennies by mixing a sprinkle of cayenne pepper or cinnamon with a dab of petroleum jelly

  • and applying to lips. It will irritate them just enough to temporarily swell them. Step

  • 6. Use up every bit of your cosmetics: Get the last smidgen of lipstick out of the tube

  • with a lip brush. Revitalize a dried-out mascara tube with a few drops of hot water. Use a

  • cotton swab to get into the crevices of little pots of eye cream or lip balm. Step 7. Splurge

  • on one or two extravagances. Woman cannot live on cheap cosmetics alone! Did you know

  • Women spend an average of $471 per year on personal care, while men spend about $193.

How to Save Money on Your Beauty Routine. You don't have to compromise your looks to


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