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Hello everyone my name is Ray and today we’re gonna do 50 random facts about me.
Yes this is a thing. YouTubers sometimes get repeated questions so they just make a 50 facts video
so that next time someone asks them a question, we can just be lazy and throw them this video.
Before I start just a quick, gentle reminder, this is going to be a full-English vlog so
make sure you turn on the CC captions, the button’s right here and be on the look-out
for vocabulary words that gonna pop out from the sides. Okay so let’s start with the basics,
my name is Ray or you can call me RD. I was born in 1989 so that makes me 26 years old now.
I’m 5-9, that’s 179 centimeters and I’m a little under 60 kilograms, I’m a
bit scrawny. I was born in Taiwan but I studied abroad in a Singaporean primary school, and
then I came back to Taiwan for an American middle school, and then finally for high school
I moved back into the Taiwanese educational system. For college, I went to Fu Jen Catholic
University and I studied English, I loved it so much that right after graduation, I
enrolled into its MA program. I had a lot of weird nicknames growing up. My first English
name is actually Joe, and then I was called all sorts of names like Duducake, Rayray,
Stingray, X-ray, but then finally I settled with just Ray. And now with my channel I go by RD.
I’m in a family of four, including my parents and my younger sister. My sister’s
name is Crown, that’s not really a fact about me but whatever and no you cannot have
her number. I’m very close with my sister ever since childhood cause we had to depend
on each other during our time in Singapore. And we look quite alike. I’m sure you’ve
seen her in one of my videos. We have our own set of language that only we can understand.
For example: dirzy, the secret monster of dirty tables, and playse. And we have a lot
of nicknames for each other but the most commonly used one is “fatty”. When I was in Singapore
I grew up in a household of 7 and I was the only boy. I lived with my grandmother, my
aunt, two elder cousins, one younger cousin, my sister, and I. We’re all very close.
And also I think, because of my time in Singapore, I became closer to my parents. We didn’t
get to see each other a lot, so I learned to cherish our times together. I’m really
blessed to have a family that loves traveling; now I’ve already been to about 20 or so
countries. I also love traveling by myself, just last year I went to Korea and backpacked for a month.
Okay onto my job experiences. I started working right out of college so I guess I’ll
just list out the things that I’ve done before. So I’ve been a radio broadcaster,
college speaker, cram school teacher, interpreter, and right now I’m a language consultant
at VoiceTube. I’ve had really bad eyesight since I was little, I used to be nearsighted
with a 7.5 diopter but this year I got optical surgery and now I have perfect eyesight.
I've made a vlog about this too, so click right here to go to that video. So now you know,
the glasses that I wear in every video is actually just a frame. There is no actual lens.
This is because my sister says that I look like I’d just woken up if I don’t
have them. Another random fact, my right ear is slightly bigger than my left ear, can you
see the difference? So on my frame, I had to wrap a rubber band so that my frame is
parallel to my face. Also, I have very rough hands, you can clearly see all the creases,
look right here. I guess it’s easy to palm read me like this. And also check this out.
Can you hear it? You know, I bet I could like start a fire just by the friction of rubbing
my hands. I am obsessed with Elmo, I don't know why, I just can really relate to that
red furry creature. I have a lot of Elmo merchandise, like t-shirts, hats, cups. And you can see
right back there, do you see it? It's a Elmo pencil box. It's always been there, go check
my other videos, it's always there. I am a foodie. I love food and especially Taiwanese
food. I also love Korean food. Apart from the obvious weird food like insects or chicken
feet, I don't eat pig liver, goji berry, and canned tuna. My favorite snack is the Kirkland
sea salt chips, I have a fresh bag right here, just bought it. The first time I ate this
was at a tutor's and the mom had to take away the chips cause I was eating all the time
instead of teaching her son, and also I use it as a pillow. Oh and I never drink coffee,
I never drink alcohol, and I never smoke. I think I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle.
Another good habit that I’m pretty proud of is that I'm an early bird, that means I
wake up pretty early, usually whenever the sun is up, I’ll wake up too and I am most
productive early early in the morning. So I need to go to sleep at around 10, 11 at night.
To name just one pet peeve, I hate people touching my head like they’re patting
a dog. It just feels so patronizing. But on the extreme end, my sister loves being patted
on the head. She is weird. Speaking of weird habits: I always wear my socks and undershirt
inside out, like this. It's because I don’t like how the seam, I don't know if you can
see this, they bulge out, and the stitches right? You see, they're sticking out. I don't
like it, so I wear the other side which is flat. Onto some of the things I’m good at,
I can play the piano and I’d say I’m okay with it. I started learning the piano since
I was a little kid but had to drop it since I was sent to Singapore, but later on in college
I picked it up again cause I wanted to play during services. I identify myself as a Christian,
since I’ve studied in a lot of Christian or Catholic schools in the past so I felt
like I belong in that system. I’ve been in my current church for 7 years now and the
pastor there has taught me how to be an upright, positive, and thankful person. Another thing
that drove my interest in music was video games. My first ever video game was Final
Fantasy 7 and I just fell in love with the series, so I've played 7, 8, 9, 10 and I especially
love the incredible music so I can play a lot of final fantasy music on the piano. I’m
really good at swimming, I even trained for a lifeguard license when I was just in primary
school, but I’m pretty lame in other forms of sport. But I was made captain of the basketball
team in 6th grade. I think because I was already 170 at that time and I towered over the rest
of the students. All I had to do was to stand under the hoop and, like, push people away.
One main reason why I suck at other sports is because when I came back to Taiwan I started
to have skin allergies and that prevented from doing too much exercise. And that's also
why I kind of have an OCD on cleanliness, I like things neat and clean. In college,
I spent most of my free time learning how to make videos. I remember in 2014, I singlehandedly
completed over 100 video projects. That is about one video every three days. I’ve also
self-taught photography and videography although I prefer the latter. Sometimes I freelance
as a wedding videographer to help film wedding events. I know Chinese calligraphy and I think
because I spent so much time as a kid learning calligraphy, it kind of made my handwriting
prettier than regular people. I have a passion for writing. I like to write more than I like
to talk, I also participated in a lot of essay writing competitions in high school and in
college and I ended up winning first place in every single one of them. I even wrote
my own English novel, uh short novel, in high school. It’s a fantasy-themed fiction called
“Descendent”. And I did all that writing in high school so it's not actually very good
writing but it’s a fond memory. As for my personality I would say that I’m pretty
childish for my age, but I can match my childishness to your level. So if you are a more mellow
sort of guy, I can be more mature. But then I think I would get along better with childish people.
According to people who know me, I am a typical “nice guy”, that means
I’m kind to people and I have a lot of friends but I often get friendzoned. But that’s okay
I'd rather be hated for who I am than be loved for who I am not. However, sometimes
I'll still lose my temper, especially towards inanimate objects like my WiFi router, my
car keys, or my scooter. I think I have a relative(ly) better temper towards living beings.
And finally what I love most right now is my YouTube channel and the people that
watch my video, namely you! Congrats you’ve made it to the end, I hope I didn’t bore
you too much with my 50 facts. If you’d like, please leave in the comment section
down below an interesting fact about you, I would love to see them. Now if you like
this video please give it a thumbs up, and if you want to see more videos like this,
please subscribe to my channel up here. That is a wrap, thank you for watching as
always and I'll catch you guys next time. See ya.



【阿滴英文】關於阿滴的五十件事 (50 Facts About Ray)

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