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I'm at an age where all of my friends are settling down and getting married and having kids.
And everytime I hear the news
I'm getting married!
Though I say Congratulations!
All I can think is
What's wrong with me?
Why isn't anyone proposing to me?
I've never been proposed to before.
What if I die alone.
What if no one ever wants me in the end?
Maybe I should be a feminist and propose to my boyfriend.
No, it's weird.
I'm self-aware enough to know that this is like pressure to feel like I wanna get married comes from like fairy tale books, some Disney movies and reading the vampire trilogies when I was 13 years old.
But even though you know all of that
you can't help but feel like
I wanna get married.
But I'm also self-aware enough to know that I don't want to get married
because I wanna declare my eternal love for someone.
Now I just want to get married because I want the party.
I want a giant cake and an expensive dress and a whole day where it's all about me.
It's like your birthday but bigger.
One day, you are gonna get married
and that means you get to get a really expensive nice dress
and all that your friends have to come and be nice to you
and give you gifts and then you'll have a big feast
and you share this day with somebody but that person doesn't matter
as much as you because this is your day.
And it's kind of weird because when you think about "actual marriage"
that you're gonna settle down with someone and spend your entire life with them.
it seems really dumb to get married after only knowing someone for a couple of years right?
You should spend a lot of time with that person so you know that you can tolerate each other.
I wanna kill you but I won't.
That's what love is baby.
And we put so much pressure on getting married.
You know like even as we get older if we're not married, we kind of think that person's like weird or not worthy of love
and like I haven't fully decided like whether or not I want to get married
cause you know there's that whole debate of like whether or not monogamy is even feasible in today's world?
where we're gonna live to a hundred and twenty and people change all the time.
And we're getting more open to different views.
I haven't really like nail down my thoughts on marriage.
much less kids that's like a whole other video I don't even want to get it into right now.
But I just kinda wanted to talk about it and see what people thought like
If you got married really young, did you get divorced?
Do you agree with marriage?
Is that what you're looking for?
Are you like me, and you just really want to get married
cause the idea of it is really cool
you can go to a really dope party where everyone just gets fucked up in your name.
I'm Anna Akana. Stay Awesome Gotham.
Although now I'm in Ant Man so I should probably be more supportive of the Marvel Universe
So stay marvelous...
I'm Anna Man.
I'm Anna Man, stay marvelous.
I'm getting married.
I know. You will never believe how he proposed. So we went to the Taj Mahal,
and it was just amazing.
And I'm so excited for the wedding and I'm gonna have pigs in a blanket
and thinking about maybe
we are gonna have 3 kids
we are gonna have 2 girls and a hermaphrodite, it's gonna be so great and their names are gonna be Billy, Jilly, and Lily.



【生活英文】天啊!我應該要結婚嗎?Should I Get Married?

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1settle down1:14
settle down 有「安定下來」、「定居」的意思,常用於描述開始過著平穩生活,比如得到穩定工作或是結婚等等,都可以使用 settle down 這個片語來表示生活安定下來。
He hoped to settle down in this country.

Settle down 另一個常見用法是「安靜」的意思,指人或是環境變得安靜有秩序。
Settle down, all of you.

2worthy of1:39
worthy 可以單獨做形容詞來表示「值得」、「應得」的意思,但 worthy 也常搭配 of 變成一個片語後面接名詞,來表示值得什麼東西。
The story of the young man is worthy of such high praise.

3nail down1:54
nail down 有兩種意思,其中一種是字面上的「用釘子固定」,比如用鎚子固定住箱子,而另一種意思為「確定」、「做出決定」,可以說 nail something down 搞定某事,或 nail somebody down 搞定某人。
It took the negotiators ten hours to nail down a deal.

TED-Ed:不斷在運動的地球 (The Pangaea Pop-up - Michael Molina)

dope 的原意是「麻醉劑」、「迷幻藥」之類的毒品的意思,但在流行口語用法中,dope 意指「很酷」,像如果你覺得一件事很酷很棒,就可以回說 That's dope!。
The party last night was dope! It's such a shame you didn't come.

【生活英文】9 種負責開車的好處!9 Perks Of Being The Designated Driver

monogamy 是「一夫一妻制」的意思,而 mono 這個字首指「單獨」,比如 monologue 是「獨白」、 monopoly 指「企業獨佔」的意思。
While monogamy is common in many parts of the world, it varies between cultures.


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