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We've all hit that tough spot of the day when your brain gave everything it has to give,
but you don't want to slam back in another coffee, because you actually want to go to sleep at night
So here are some tips to get you running back up at full speed without the caffeine jitters
Here's a tip you might already follow out of habit
When you're feeling tired,
look no further than viral cat videos.
But why cat videos?
Well, because they're nearly impossible not to enjoy, and pleasure is the key here.
Research has shown, that watching cute videos featuring kittens, and yes puppies too
improves your mood and temporarily boost your attention to detail.
Oxytocin and cortisol, both hormones that influence our body's physiological response to a motion.
Oxytocin can influence positive feelings of trust and connection,
while cortisol is a hormone linked to stress.
Like spending time with a pet in person, watching cat videos can increase oxytocin levels in your brain and decrease cortisol levels.
Sometimes there's no better boost than a big glass of regular old H2O.
Not drinking enough water during the day can lead to dehydration,
and dehydration can lead to fatigue, not to mention more serious symptoms like confusion
heart palpitations, and fainting.
The adult human body is 50 to 65 percent water,
and it's your prerogative to keep those numbers consistent.
We typically start getting thirsty when we've lost two to three percent of our body's water
but believe it or not,
it can affect you mentally and physically when you've lost just one percent.
This is because water is a major component in the plasma in our blood.
By the way, blood is pretty important because it transports oxygen, proteins,
and other nutrients your body needs to actually properly function.
Dehydration stresses your body,
raising it's temperature, and making your heart beat faster.
This is why you get fatigued when dehydrated.
So bottoms up.
If you are feeling a little groggy,
put on your favorite tune,
get up and dance like no one's looking.
And if they are looking, whatever
you do you.
Dancing, and other forms of exercise
produce feel-good endorphins in the body, which reduce pain and help us feel happier and more energized.
Pair that with the stimulating effect of singing along your favorite jams,
you could probably convince your boss to throw a dance party.
Listening to your favorite song activates the pleasure circuit in your brain,
releasing even more feel-good neurochemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.
This chemical cocktail gives you a boost that can keep you nice and wide-eyed.
If you've been stuck working at your desk all day long,
and the dance moves didn't get you up and running again,
it might be time for a dose of bright light.
Some researches shown a direct connection between bright lights in general and alertness.
Turning on bright light activates neurons and hypothalamus that release a neurotransmitter
called hypocretin, or orexin.
This stuff help us stay awake and alert during the day.
Getting out and taking a quick walk in the sun, might just be all you need to keep the rest of the day running smoothly
If these four tips didn't work for you, it's probably time to bite the bullet.
Sometimes there's only one solution and that's to take a nap.
Thanks for watching folks.
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【生活技巧】如何不用咖啡因也能打擊疲勞(How to Stay Awake Without Caffeine)

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Angie Hsu 發佈於 2017 年 10 月 23 日    Angie Hsu 翻譯    Claire Chi 審核



jitter 是相當口語的用法,在這裡指的是緊張不安的狀態,在影片中的 caffeine jitters 指的就是咖啡因為身體帶來的緊張感,這樣的緊張感使我們的身體保持清醒。而像第一天上學、第一天上班、第一天...時我們都會特別緊張,這時候就可以用 first day jitters 來形容這樣的狀況。

believe it or not1:27
(Whether you) believe it or not 的意思是不管你相不相信。當有人這樣開頭時,就可以預料接下來要講的事情是有點不可思議但是是「事實」。
Believe it or not, I met Obama yesterday.

Believe it or not! 13件顛覆你認知的事實!

bottoms up1:49
bottoms up 中的 bottom 就是指杯子的杯底,當杯底朝上的時候代表著將酒喝光光。另外一個常見的用法就是 Cheers! 就跟我們會說「呼搭啦」或是「乾杯」是一樣的意思。 順道補充一個 bottom 常見的片語:

the bottom line 重點在於...
The bottom line is that smoking is bad for people's health.

有時候也有人會用 my bottom line 我的底線是...
My bottom line is $4,000. I will not go any further.
我的底線就是 4,000 元,不能再多了。

Jam 在影片中代表的意思是歌曲,這個用法的由來是以前在爵士樂中,正式演奏完後樂團中會即興演奏一些不同的音樂。當然 jam 還有很多不同的意思,例如一般常說的果醬。
Let's do a few jams together.

常見的用法還有: traffic jam 塞車
John is stuck in a traffic jam, so he will not arrive on time.

bite the bullet2:54
bite the bullet 指的是 (為了度過困難而) 硬著頭皮。在以前還沒有麻醉的時代,受傷的士兵要動手術時,會給他們含一顆子彈,才不會因為太痛而咬到自己的舌頭。
Tom needs to bite the bullet and finish the project.

所以小 V 接下來要一邊看著貓的影片、一邊唱歌,這樣就可以少喝一點咖啡囉!

文/ Candy
編輯/ Henry




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