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Did you just...
Were you holding that in for me?
Yeah, for like six weeks.
Yeah I can tell.
Oh, that's, ummm... Nick, come and say hi
Wait, is this your mom?
Hi. Hi.
So I ran into your sister today.
Oh, yeah, how was she?
She was really good, she kept going on and on about how in love with me you are.
It's weird. Last time we talked we just talked about her kids the whole time.
We definitely covered that subject.
And a few others, like one I just said, but she ignored.
I love you so much
Ohhh, I love you, too.
So what kind of music are you into?
Ahhh, Indie rock, some hiphop
I know what you like.
Wow, I love how you floss
Uhh, really? It doesn't make me look fat?
No, it's very slimming
Ohh, stop being such a baby
Okay, I got it
Got it? Oh, yeah, it came out really good.
♫ Remember when I met you, and you said ♫
♫ We don't need to be friends ♫
♫ And I look at you, you're like ♫
♫ All about my shit pants ♫
♫ You keep kidding up for me ♫
(On the phone)
Can you just talk to Amy real quick?
It's my dad.
Hey, Roger.
Yeah we did get your Hawaiian coffee, thank you
How was Mauii with Pam?
Yeah, maybe we will join you next time.
Baby. Aha?
Can you take a look at the outfit see if it's good for the party tonight?
Are you going to wear something similar? I don't wanna clash.
Oh my god.
Do you like it?
I just feel I can move well in it.
I hate going out party and I can't dance in it.
Yes, yes!
Oh, I love everything that's happening right now.
Just wanna know if I should change or not
Are you awake?
(I love you)
Oh my god, you do not have to cook for me.
I wanna cook for you, I love you.
I know, I love you, too.
You love me?
Yeah Ahhhhhh
I feel really strongly about you
How strong?
Like, popeye
Oh, nice, before spinach or after spinach?
Like post spinach popeye strong.
Wow, that's pretty good but it doesn't last that long.
If you're still not ready to say it
Just share this video with them
Ummm? Ummm?
Are you awake?


【情人英文】準備好說「我愛你」了嗎?11個徵兆告訴你準備好了沒!(11 Signs You’re Ready to Say "I Love You")

15468 分類 收藏
Vivi Lee 發佈於 2015 年 8 月 29 日    Vivi Lee 翻譯    Rose 審核
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