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A lot of you folks out there are coffee lovers.
but aside from the buzz we get from a cup of Joe,
there's often another noticeable side effect.
Why on earth does the coffee make us have to poop?
So, it's widely understood that coffee has a laxative effect on some people,
What's not so clear is why?
For a while, people blamed caffeine but the same effect can be had from decaf as well.
Not to mention, people don't commonly have this sort of responds to energy drinks or sodas.
So, what else is going on on a cup of Joe?
When you drink coffee, it's acidic nature has an effect on your stomach.
coffee cause the stomach to secrete a heightened level of gastric acid
a very acidic fluid that helps your body break down proteins
coffee also contains a compound called chlorogenic acid
that increases stomach acid levels
this boost in acidity can cause the stomach to dump its content more quickly into the intestines.
this could be one of many contributing factors it has been proven
coffee affects the movement of the large intestine within four minutes of ingestion.
similiar with the way large meal does.
there are nealy 1000 different compounds found inside a cup of coffee
and while scientists can be certain that at least one of these is the culprit
they still aren't quite sure which triggers the digestive call of arms
on the other hand, they do have a sense of what the mystery chemical or chemicals are actually doing once inside your guts.
the body produces these two hormones to help digest food.
the consumption of coffee decaf or not has been shown to increase
the levels of these compounds produced antibodies enhancing their general facts.
Gastrin is a hormone that's released help keep the colon up and running at full speed to do that,
Gastrin activates a proccess called peristalsis
the relaxation and contraction of muscles that happens in ways to help move waste to its final destination
cholecystokinin also causes the release of digestive enzymes
and bile which help regulate the process of poop.
By the way, this grouping effect has been shown to only occur in about three-tenths of the population,
so consider yourself special if you're one of those three.
So, kind of got an answer but like many things in the scientific world,
we need more time and more science to get story straight.
got any chemistry questions posing down there in the comments.
Interested in learning more about poop,
check out gross science for their video and what we can learn from ancient poop
Also make sure to check out inside science TV's new video on how visual illusions work.
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【生活英文】為什麼喝咖啡會想大便?你也這樣過嗎? Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

24968 分類 收藏
Rose 發佈於 2015 年 8 月 29 日    Rose 翻譯    Claire Chi 審核
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