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Word up Foodtubers, Mr Oliver here, I hope you're all very, very well.
I'm going to be giving to you a fail safe BBQ sauce recipe.
It works every single time. It's good on pork, it's good on chicken. You're gonna love it.
I'm gonna cook with really humble chicken drumsticks and chicken thighs.
We need 200 Grams of sugar,
200 grams of ketchup, 4 Tablespoons of Worcester Sauce,
then we're gonna go in with some Chipotle Tabasco
English Mustard. 2 heaps teaspoons.
The Juice of 2 oranges
200ml of Apple Juice
and then Bourbon 100ml's
The alcohol is going to disappear, so don't worry it's not an alcoholic BBQ sauce,
but it's going to give amazing flavour.
And then about four tablespoons of Balsamic Vinegar.
We'll season it with a little salt.
Get that on a high heat, whisk it up,
we're gonna bring it to the boil and simmer it for about 5-10 minutes.
Til it's a nice, sticky, claggy coat the back of a spoon texture
Right and that's what we want, it's a glaze ok.
So here I've got my lovely free range chicken. Let's create a rub.
For me the point of a rub is to begin the story, it's kinda that depth of flavour.
So, fennel seeds. 2 heap teaspoons of that. 1 level teaspoon of cumin.
1 heaped teaspoon of smoked paprika.
Smells incredible.
About a teaspoon of sea salt
1 heap tablespoon of lovely golden caster sugar
and give it a good old bash up.
Hello! This is daddy's office
There's the cameraman, say hello.
I feel the same way about him often as well.
Ok Buds, we're making a rub. Watch Daddy...
Well done Buds, that's lovely. He's gonna be a chef one day, I can feel it.
Can you shake that over for me darling
I can't.
Can you do it that way?
That's it. Onto that chicken.
Onto it. Over here... that's good.
Yep that's it... yep, throw the pestle and mortar onto it. That's exactly what I asked for...
Can I have a kiss? I love you, you're a good boy.
So i'm just going to rub the rub over the chicken
So son, now I'm going to put it in the oven for about 1 hour at 180 degrees celcius
which is 350 degrees Fahrenheit
Here's one I made earlier.
You can see the chicken's been nicely cooked.
Just take the thigh and completely submerge it into our barbecue sauce
to get that perfect glaze on your perfect chicken
What we do now, is we put this back in the oven
and I'm going to turn the oven down to about 100.
I'll just leave that for like maybe 10-20 minutes.
Of course we know the best barbecue ribs and chicken and barbecue sauce it happens outside over fire
In England, it's raining a lot
I've got some woodchips here, apple oak.
We just set it on fire here
It gives you an amazing smoke, so it's like a little mini smoker
That'll just slowly smoulder and it's just a really cool way of getting extra flavor into your food.
What you could do is after about 10 minutes, you can do a double dip, to get double glaze.
Our home smoker is working, very very well
So, 20 minutes has passed, have a little look at this guys
You've got the rub, the slow cooking, the double dip in the beautiful barbecue sauce
Really, really good
-What is this? -Chili
Yes and does Buddy like chili?
Why don't you like chili?
Too hot.
Now I'm gonna give you the one without chili on.. ok.. that's the bone
Take that bit there
Too sticky?
No... it's still too hot
You mean spicy, there was smoked paprika in there that I didn't tell you about
I wasn't thinking you'd notice
You didn't tell me
Yeah I'm sorry I should have told you... is this bad parenting?
Yeah... yeah
Maybe not for young kids, at three and a half, admittedly.
But for big boys and girls around the world... yes
Absolutely delicious.
So there you go guys, that's my fail safe BBQ sauce recipe.
I hope you enjoyed it. From me and Buddy, bye bye.
Say goodbye son
That's what I thought... Bye
Bye bye
Just try and be professional, we're going to have take 4 ok?
Take 4
-Okay son, so now's the time to put this in the oven. -Again?...
Don't say again, they'll think that we don't do TV shows in one take!
-So son, this goes in the oven. -I know that you poopoo snap!
-This is all going wrong! -You're saying the wrong thing.
Yeah I know thanks.
What? Are you... my agent?
-Nooo... -Ok, are you ready?
Say 'Take 20'
-20's too much... -Ok
Take 15?
You are the best.
Daddy you're rubbish.
Lot's of love guys, from me and Buddy... Bye!


【Jamie Oliver料理教室】烤肉醬也能自己做!(The Best BBQ Sauce | Jamie & Buddy Oliver)

2187 分類 收藏
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