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Hi lovely people of Food Tube, I'm gonna make this fantastic simple tuna bucatini yes bucatini
this recipe is from my new Food Tube book
what is it? Bucatini is a pasta
It look like a big spaghetti which in a way it is but it's got little holes right through in the middle
this is called a buco and this is why the pasta is called bucatini
because it will make easy to cook because water run right through
good thing about this recipe if you can't find bucatini you can use spaghetti or linguine it will work so fanastic
first of all we need to cook the pasta, we need salt inside the water
seasoning the water
we need about 200g of bucatini
pasta straight in
let's cover for a minute, right, you need garlic two lovely clove of garlic roughly chopped
you need about half chilli depend how strong is the chilli
so we put them all together, oh the flavour's already inside here
you need about four nice ripe cherry tomatoes which you cut them in quarter
so easy so simples to do it
two anchovies fillets look at these anchovies how good they are
chop very fine because the anchovies will melt down and they'll give it a lovely flavour of the sea
so I use these trays to put upside down so you can see better but you will cook on the stove
here's the pan, drizzle with olive oil about 3 tablespoons of olive oil
then grab everything, oh my my look at that. Cook for about three minutes
then that's one tablespoon of capers
it's fantastico it's cook nicely
that is all in, my pan is start to get cold so I need to go back to the stove
this recipe is gonna be for two people, I mean you can adapt for three for four for five
now at this stage this has been cooked for three minutes the pasta is ready now just add him inside
oh yeah
look at that look how beautiful
it's done let's add a little pasta water because the pasta water's got flavor
cos I want a little bit moisture
Oh well look at that I'm gonna show what I'm doing now, stir them all in because this is already cooked
At this stage I will put some wild rocket inside, this is gonna add a nice peppery flavour
and also a little freshness because it need a little touch of salt
so good! so good! Right , you need 180g of tuna
make sure it's good tuna .Don't just buy any tuna,read the sides of the tins
you have to know where they come from
with the oil and everything just flake them inside, look at that beauty
you add the oil for extra flavour
now you need some lemon, squeeze in a little bit of a lemon
move it around a little bit
all the flavour of everything is inside here
look at that, bless this tuna bucatini
I want you to taste it, this is unbelievable
in a bowl I've got more wild rocket I'll squeeze a little bit of lemon, little drizzle of olive oil
little touch of salt, mix all together
this is so good!
put them on top, and this is the Simple Tuna Bucatini
so tasty, so good, so delicioso
it is so simples because you've got this fantastic tuna, you got the cherry tomatoes
you got the chilli, you got the garlic, you got the anchovies, you got the capers and the peppery rocket
the freshness which is making all out for you to eat it and then enjoy it
this recipe is from my new Food tube book, if you want to see more just click the link
now lets taste it
I can taste heaven
what can I say? I love you all , arrivederci ciao! Subscribe! it's free! When you go please please do it. I'm gonna eat this one
it tastes delicious
This recipe was adapted from my lovely book. Click the link and see more 



【Jamie Oliver料理教室】簡單好吃的鮪魚義大利麵食譜 (Simple Tuna Pasta | Gennaro Contaldo)

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