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I've got gorgeous dense chocolate mousse served with a little bit of fruit
put about an inch or so water in a pan
I've got it on a medium heat and I want to melt this chocolate
so get yourself some sort of seventy percent cocoa solid
chocolate, in the pack, give it a little slap
that's gonna smash it up, okay so I need three bowls for this mousse
I've got one bowl going on to the simmering water here
don't let the bowl touch the water. Okay, that's gonna gently heat up
and melt our chocolate, so I'm going to put our chocolate straight into there
that's 200 grams of chocolate okay, then I'm going to put a tiny pinch
of salt into there and if you think that's weird
it actually seasons the chocolate and helps it get chocolatier
then I need a knob of butter then get yourself some double cream
300 mls is what we're looking for now you can use vanilla extract
or use some of this vanilla paste which I'm loving at the moment, about a
goes in about two heaped tablespoons
of sugar goes in, the cream
hardly need anything, just angle the bowl and
just whisk it, you can see literally from 25 seconds of whisking it's already
doubled its thickness critically important
that you don't really take it much more than that, it's still coming off of a spoon
I need two lovely free range large eggs I'm just gonna crack
my egg on the side the old classic of
half it and bounce the yolk backwards and forwards
and then put the yolk in with the cream that makes it silky and even richer
the chocolate is basically done that comes now
of the heat and then all we've got to do now is whisk up this egg whites here
Two egg whites takes no time at all
See, okay so I've got my egg whites, I know that it's whipped
very quickly cause it's sitting above my head we now put
our Chocolate into our beautiful cream okay
So get rid of the whisk
now we going into spatula if there's a favorite booze that you like with chocolate
just put a cap full okay, egg whites go in
and then I'm just gonna slowly fold these egg whites in
there you go so
this goes in the fridge all done. And for the dessert
all I do get a little Coco
and just for a little edge just put some cocoa on top
there you go absolutely gorgeous


【Jamie Oliver料理教室】神奇的巧克力慕斯! (Jamie’s Amazing Chocolate Mousse)

1502 分類 收藏
林子鈞 發佈於 2015 年 8 月 21 日    Regina Chen 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核
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