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You're welcome.
You're welcome.
You're welcome
Look, I know everyone's all up in arms about the comments I made about Megyn Kelly after last week's GOP debate.
which, by the way, I won easily.
I was fantastic. The ratings were huge!
Anyway, yesterday I called Megyn Kelly to personally not apologize.
When I said blood was coming out of her wherever, I obviously meant nose and ears.
If you think I was talking about something else, you're a deviant.
I was not referring to hormones or menstruation.
Anyone who thinks otherwise is a total deviant.
It's amazing how the media loves to twist my words and viciously attack me.
It happens all the time.
Like last week, when I said that my wife, Melania, had the best melons in the world,
of course I meant her honeydew melons.
Which, by the way, can't be beat.
Only a deviant would think I was talking about her boobs.
Which, by the way, are classy and fantastic.
On the other day, when I said to...
that Carly Fiorina had too much junk in the trunk,
I was obviously talking about the amount of stuff she keeps in the back of her Hyundai Sonata.
It's like a Costco back there.
She has a...
She has a case of those giant cans of juicy-juice.
You know, the ones you have to open with a can opener on both sides.
I prefer juice drinks that don't come in a paint can, okay?
For last month, when I said I'd love to have a foursome with Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Nicki Minaj
I was simply talking about golf.
Which also explains why I said I'd love for them to wash my balls.
Deviant, okay?
Or when I said that me and Gary Pusey like to do it doggy style
I just meant
I just meant that sometimes I'll toss a frisbee, and he'll catch it in his mouth like a dog.
What else could that possibly mean?
Twisting my words
And finally, when I said I love fat Tony's big, greasy sausage and couldn't wait to get it in my mouth,
How could you not know I was talking about my local butcher Tony Esposito
and his quality made products
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to the campaign trail and pounce on Bush.
What?! Deviants! Deviants! Deviants!
Cue the music



【吉米秀】吉米神扮演川普,為自己的失言「洗白」! (Donald Trump Clarifies Megyn Kelly Comment)

25614 分類 收藏
Charlene Tai 發佈於 2015 年 8 月 22 日    葉子維 翻譯    Charlene Tai 審核
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