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This is why we called you in.
3D again
-Hm, interesting. -The broken glass?
No, where it's broken from
Look at the shatter pattern.
The glass in all these paintings has been broken from the inside.
As you can see, all the paintings are landscapes, no figures of any kind.
-So? -There used to be.
Something's got out of the paintings.
Lots of somethings. Dangerous
This whole place has been searched.
There's nothing here that shouldn't be and nothing's got out.
Oh no, not now.
-Doctor, what is it? -Oh not now, I'm busy.
Is it to do with the paintings?
No, no, this is different. I remember this, almost remember.
Ohh of course. This is where I come in.
-Geronimo! -Doctor! -Wait!
Who is this man? That's just what I was wondering.
Oh very skinny, that is proper skinny.
I've never seen it from the outside.
It's like a special effect. Oy! Ha! Matchstick man.
You're not...
For what?
Regeneration, it's a lottery.
Oh, he's cool. Isn't he cool? I'm the Doctor, and I'm all cool. Oops, I'm wearing sand shoes!
What are you doing here? I'm busy.
Oh, busy, I see. Is that what we're calling it, ey?
-Hello, ladies! -Don't start.
Listen, what you get up to in the privacy of your own regeneration is your business.
One of them is a Zygon.
Uh... I'm not judging you...
Oh... lovely!
Your Majesties, probably a good time to run.
But what about the creature?
Elizabeth, whichever one of you is the real one, turn and run in the opposite direction to the other one.
Of course, my love. Stay alive, my love. I am not done with you yet.
Thanks, lovely.
I understand. Live for me, my darling. We shall be together again.
Well, won't that be nice.
-One of those was a Zygon? -Yep.
-Big, red, rubbery things covered in suckers? -Yep.
-Venom sacs in the tongue? -Yea, I'm getting the point, thank you. Nice.
Doctor is that you?
Ah, hello Clara, can you hear me?
Yea, it's me. We can hear you. Where are you?
Where are we?
England, 1562
Who are you talking to?
Can you come back through?
Physical passage may not be possible in both directions. It... ah... hang on.
Fez incoming!
Nothing here.
So where did it go?
-Who's he talking to? -He said, "himself!"


第十一個博士遇見第十個博士《超時空博士》(Eleventh Doctor Meets The Tenth Doctor - Doctor Who - The Day of the Doctor - BBC)

6002 分類 收藏
Joyce Lee 發佈於 2015 年 8 月 10 日    單凝 翻譯    Grace Chen 審核
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