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The food here in Taiwan is a fusion between Chinese and Japanese influences.
We're gonna check out some of this country's specialties and get a real taste of Taiwan.
Taiwan is known for its street food and there are tons to try out.
They've got sausages, oyster omelettes, stinky tofu.
All kinds of crazy treats.
There's a big crowd here and that means - I think they're making some tasty food.
Peanut, ice cream, in a spring roll thing.
It's good, that's really good.
Boba (Bubble) tea, you've seen it all over the world,
but you probably didn't know it was invented here in Taiwan.
So when you come here you gotta check it out.
It's refreshing and it tastes absolutely amazing.
Making boba (bubble) tea in Taiwan baby, yeah
High five, there we go.
So right here we have Taiwanese caviar.
Teppanyaki in Taiwan is so fun to watch.
Not only does our chef make everything delicious,
but he also makes every dish into a work of art.
Look at that, I love you.
Shrimp fishing is very popular all over Taiwan,
and it's a fun way to enjoy lunch.
The shrimps taste so much better when you've earned it.
I did a good job cooking this bad boy.
Mm, hot shrimp baby!
Modern toilet, what?
This toilet themed restaurant is one of the most popular places to eat in all of Taiwan.
Everything is toilet themed.
From the menu to the decor, the seats.
Even the dish they use to serve you.
Weirdest restaurant in the world.
I don't get it, but sometimes the best things in life are unexplainable.
Taiwan is also home to the world famous soup filled dumplings made at Din Tai Fung restaurant.
So the way you eat this is, you poke a little hole, you let the juice come out
and then you just put it to you mouth, mm!
Taiwanese food is absolutely amazing,
and there are so many ways to experience it.
So don't hold back, get in there and check it all out.
Give your taste buds a thrill.



【老外遊台灣】台灣美食記 (A Taste of Taiwan)

73241 分類 收藏
阿多賓 發佈於 2016 年 1 月 1 日
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