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"Hello?" "I'm, uh, planning a wedding for next spring."
"Quick quote on a venue for a family gathering."
"Between 120 and 130 guests." "For 125 people."
"We're aiming for April 16th." "The 16th."
"That's gonna be a $15,000 food and beverage minimum." "The food and beverage minimum is gonna be $17,000." "OK."
This 2000 dollar difference is what's known as the "wedding mark-up"
where some vendors charge a higher price for weddings than for other similar parties.
So why are weddings so expensive?
The wedding website "The Knot" surveyed thousands of its members
and found that the average cost of their weddings was thirty-one thousand dollars last year.
That's not including honeymoon.
Wedding dresses average at thirteen hundred dollars and catering comes in at $68 dollars per person.
And those numbers are a lot higher if you live in places like New York, Chicago, DC or San Francisco
The wedding industry is kinda weird and it's an industry that I have quite a bit of experience in.
My wife Isabel and I run a wedding videography business in Washington DC
and here's my take on why weddings are so expensive.
There's this economic concept called asymmetric information.
With most things you buy you have a pretty good gage in what you're getting for what you pay for.
You're pretty sure that an 8 dollar avocado is way too much because you've bought avocados before.
Familiarity with a market produces balanced information between buyers and sellers and so they can settle on a fair price.
This is like Economics 101.
But most people shopping for wedding stuff have very little, if any, experience with what they're buying.
Cake, dress, napkins, catering, venues, flowers.
This is stuff you just don't buy very often so you don't have a very good gage on what you should be paying.
This is made a lot harder by the fact that us wedding vendors have a hard time posting prices on our website.
You usually have to reach out and inquire to get any sort of pricing information.
Imagine if you had to ask for pricing for every item in the grocery store.
Shopping would be a lot harder.
When I first was starting up my business, I read a ton of blogs about marketing to prospective clients.
And overwhelming message that I kept reading is "steer away from talking about price".
"We've put together a free report that shows you how to answer the "price question"
with those email leads in a way that shift them away from price quickly
so you can get them on the phone or to a meeting where you can book them!"
And then there's Pinterest.
"Pinterest can be really useful I think using it as a starting point."
It's an amazing tool for wedding inspiration or if you have an experienced wedding planner by your side,
but usually doesn't help with the price question.
"...and you see all these like amazing dresses and you can click on it to like get more information.
You're gonna get a lot more pictures , but you're not gonna find any pricing information.
And of course there's always the option to "repin" it if you'd like to.
If you are like a normal person with on a budget like you're setting yourself up to be let down.
Another thing that makes wedding so expensive is the once-in-a-lifetime mentality.
The classic line for brides shopping for a wedding dress is --
It's the dress of your life, and if there's ever a one picture your ancestors have of you, it's the one in your wedding dress."
That's wedding dress designer Anne Barge talking on the plan of money.
I'm as guilty as anyone of this.
Here's one of our very first ads. It's all about that once-in-a-lifetime feel.
It's just really hard not to splurge when you put so much weight into one day.
So, it's easy to look at this and think there's no doubt that wedding vendors are ripping off their clients.
But there's another side to the story that I think is important to mention.
"Corporate flowers for example,
there's probably going to be direction but maybe there's a little bit more flexibility
where as a bride has dreamt up a certain flowers and she has been pinning it,
and she wants to talk to the florist multiple times about the bouquet and the ribbon treatment,
and the fact that her grandmother's broach is gonna be on that bouquet.
It's a lot of time and energy spent on those flowers and that's gonna be reflected in the cost."
The upshot of this is that the emotional weight of weddings usually means more work for vendors, and thus higher prices.
And the most demanding clients are the ones that set the prices for everyone.
So the best thing you can do to avoid being swindled is to demand the price range before hearing a sales pitch.
We vendors might hate it but it's the fair thing to do.



搞不懂!為什麼結婚要花這麼多錢?(Why are weddings so damn expensive?)

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Chamber 發佈於 2017 年 5 月 17 日    葉子維 翻譯



大家也許都有過這樣的經驗,參與一個商業會議或一場研習的休息時間時,大會會提供茶點,這個動詞就叫做 cater 「提供飲食」,名詞則為 catering

後來,cater 也衍伸出「迎合」的意思。常見的動詞片語就是 cater for sth./sb. 或是 cater to sth./sb. ,表示「滿足某物/某人的需求」。
He set up this foundation to cater for children with disabilities.

He tried his best to cater to his boss' needs.

【TED】愛情中的數學 Hannah Fry: The mathematics of love

不曉得大家還記不記得所謂的「愛情三角理論」,也就是親密、激情與承諾呢?曾經被視為無法捉摸、無法量化的愛情,居然可以用數學來測量?快來聽聽 Hannah Fry 怎麼說!

little, if any,1:38
It's been three months since the puppy came to our home and there is little, if any, sign of her biting the furniture.

天堂或地獄?談談婚姻的意義! (The Meaning of Marriage)


steer away from2:17
steer 本身有「駕駛」的意思,例如「方向盤」的英文就是 steering wheel;至於 steer away from,從字的組合大概可以猜出,是「遠離」或「迴避」某種東西。影片中提到 "steer away from talking about price",就是指這些婚慶業者會「避免在自家的網站上談到價錢的問題」。
Stop steering away from the problem and get to the bottom of it now!

once-in-a-lifetime mentality3:07
嚴格說來,once-in-a-lifetime mentality 並不算是個正式單字,而是由兩組字組合而成。既然是一生只有一次,可見 once in a life time 代表的是相當稀少罕見的狀況。mentality 這個字有「心態、情結」的意思,因此整個字大致可以解釋成「終生大事情結」。
Leonard has a once-in-a-lifetime mentality towards marriage, so he would rather spend more money to ensure the quality of the wedding.
Leonard 對婚姻抱有終生大事情結,所以他寧願多花點錢來確保婚禮的品質。

其他常見的組合字用法還有「從眾心態」(herd mentality) ,意思是受到大多數人一致的行為或思想而選擇跟從。herd 代表動物的群體,因此你只看見大家集體行動,彷彿沒有個體意識。常見的例子就是股市大漲或是大跌,通常就是由投資者一股腦跟從趨勢所造成的結果。

【TED-Ed】你的故事…可以改變歷史 Write your story, change history - Brad Meltzer

rip off3:38
rip 這個字有「撕裂」的意思,但眼尖的你一定也發現了,影片裡的字好像不是這個意思。

常去旅遊的人都知道,到當地的商家消費一定要殺價,否則店家會因為你長的不是本地人的樣子,就跟你敲竹槓。這樣讓你多付錢,或者賣品質不好的東西給你的行為,都可以用 rip off 這個片語,也就是中文「剝削」的意思。
Those evil businessmen were accused of ripping off the tourists by selling them broken souvenirs.

此外,如果是 rip something off,那就有「偷竊」或是「抄襲」的意思。
Plagiarism means ripping off others' works without permission.





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