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HotelsCombined brings you the topgreenhotels from across the world.
From water and energy saving schemes to the use of natural habitats.
These hotels go above and beyond to reduce their carbon footprint on the world and offer guests an eco-friendly and sustainable holiday experience.
Making the most of Puerto Rico's unique landscape, Hix Island House has been designed
to get the best shade from the hot afternoon sun and to receive the most from the cooling trade winds.
With great views over the landscape, Hix Island guests can also enjoy solar power and rainwater in their cisterns.
Located in the south of France, Hi Hotel has received Green Globe certification for its attempts to cut down on its carbon footprint.
As well as using recycled paper and organic paint,
vegetal toiletries are available in all rooms and staff uniform is made from organic cotton.
Australia's Port Douglas is home to eco-friendly Thala Beach Lodge
a hotel that has the highest eco-tourism accreditation available.
Located where a World Heritage Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef,
the lodge has taken all care to create a low impact on the surrounding environment.
The Garonga Safari Camp in South Africa makes great use of nature's gifts.
With 30% of the hotel’s electricity obtained from solar panels,
a mixture of rain and filtered greywater is used to feed the animals
and food waste (often from the onsite garden) add to a biogas system that fuels the staff village kitchen.
At the award-winning Alila Villas Soori in Bali, villas have been created to get the
most of sunlight hours while an abundance of greenery helps to organically cool.
Bathrooms are fitted with water-efficient systems and the greywater is recycled for use on the plants.
Grenada’s Spice Island Beach Resort has received numerous Green Globe Certification Awards.
The hotel makes use of locally grown herbs, vegetables and fruits;
regularly plants new trees and trains its staff in eco-friendly practises like recycling and community clean-ups.
The Park Hyatt Hadahaa, located in the luxurious setting of the Maldives, proudly boasts a silver EarthCheck certification.
Amongst its many initiatives, the island resort has established a system for energy conservation,
coral and endangered species protection, solid waste management, and dedication to guiding and encouraging local agriculture.
The Lefay Resort in Italy has a beautiful natural setting inside an 11-hectare park and beside a lake.
The resort was built using local materials and utilises large, open spaces
that allow for natural breezes and lighting to take control.
Rooftop vegetation helps maintain the greenness of the area and also gives great heat insulation.
The Park Hyderabad, India, has received a LEED GOLD certification for its eco-friendliness.
Measures to ensure environmental stability include its design which reduces light pollution,
its watery efficient irrigation systems, optimal energy saving performances and the management of waste.
At the Six Senses Con Dao in Vietnam, the property has committed itself to improving
the ecological and carbon footprint resulting from the operation of the resort and spa.
As well as sustainable initiatives practiced within the resort, outside, endangered animals
such as dugongs are protected in the marine park, and guests are encouraged to help plant sea grass to help the animals feed.
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如果能住上一天...世界十大環保生態飯店! (Top 10 Most Eco-Friendly Hotels In The World)

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Jenny Hsu 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 17 日    Grace Chen 翻譯    Neige.S 審核



green hotel 在這邊不是指「綠色的飯店」,green 指的是「對生態友好的」、「對環境友善的」。「綠建築」的英文是 green building,不是 greenhouse。「綠建築」是指從房屋的選址、設計、建設、營運等等皆達成環境友善、資源有效運用,從人跟環境中取得一個平衡,影片裡介紹的都是對環境友善的綠能飯店喔!

greenhouse 是「溫室」,也就是栽種植物的玻璃屋,溫室因為太陽的照射而變溫暖,但熱又不容易散出,所以溫室內會維持在一定的溫度。「溫室效應」就是用這個原理而來,地球就像是一個溫室一樣,因為太陽照射而溫度升高,但熱不易散出,使地球溫度逐漸升高,「溫室效應」的英文就是 greenhouse effect

go above and beyond0:09
go above and beyond 就是「竭盡所能」、「超越」的意思,above 在這邊有「超過」、「優於」的意思,beyond 也有「超過」、「超越」意思,所以兩個字合在一起有加強的意味。above and beyond 除了常跟 go 一起使用,也常跟 be 動詞一起出現。
Her intelligence is beyond the ordinary. Her parents are really proud of her.

This movie was awesome! It was absolutely above and beyond my expectations.

快樂的根源 (Paul Bloom:The origins of pleasure)

trade wind0:28
trade wind 是「信風」,又稱作「貿易風」,trade 就是「貿易」的意思,它跟我們常聽到的「季風」很相似但有點不同。信風是從亞熱帶高壓吹向赤道低壓帶的風,因為科氏力的關係,北半球吹東北信風,南半球吹東南信風,因為這種風在固定地區定時出現,很有規律、風向不變,非常守信用,所以才會取名為「信風」。以前的人也利用信風出海,作規律性的航海貿易,因此信風才會被稱為「貿易風」。

而「季風」是大範圍地區盛行風隨季節不同而改變方向的風,通常會出現大陸與海洋的交界帶,在夏天跟冬天,海陸比熱不同,受熱升溫的程度不同,夏季海洋上方形成高壓,將空氣吹向陸地,而冬季則是大陸上方形成高壓,空氣由陸地吹向海洋。而季風的英文是 monsoon 喔!

carbon footprint0:43
carbon footprint 「碳足跡」是指個人、家庭或公司從事活動或產品生產過程中所產生的溫室氣體的排放,主要的溫室氣體指的是 carbon dioxide 「二氧化碳」,所以主要是以二氧化碳的排放量來計算碳足跡。

太陽能飛機 (Are Solar Planes The Future Of Flight?)

Great Barrier Reef1:05
Great Barrier Reef 「大堡礁」是世界上最大的珊瑚礁群,位在澳洲的東北海岸,由許多大大小小的珊瑚礁體跟島嶼組成,在1981年被列為自然類世界遺產。

珊瑚 (coral reef) 的生長環境受到很大的限制,必須要有適合的溫度、鹽度、陽光、清澈海水才能生長。但是自從18世紀工業革命以來,二氧化碳的排放量大量上升,溫室效應造成全球暖化、海水溫度上升、氣候變遷讓大堡礁的生態也面臨劇烈的改變。在過去50年間,大堡礁的珊瑚大量死亡並消失了50%,如果持續惡化下去,大堡礁可能會在一個世紀後完全消失,這會造成海洋生態浩劫。近年來,澳洲政府積極規劃保育計畫,也常跟學校、社區宣導生態保護,讓環境保護成為每一個人的責任。


文/ Reina
編輯/ Tina Hsu




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