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We can choose to stay in a "feel-like-home" hostel in Seoul
So what make this hostel, named as "STAY IN GAM", different with the other choices?
I stay here for a several days
Though it is kinda small, everything are very simple here
You can find a small and simple buffet table during breakfast time in the lobby area
There are toasts, egg or ham for the guests
The rooms are decorated in a simple way too
They have family rooms...
some are twin rooms with shared bathroom
But those are not the most important part...
The most important thing is...you must know two persons from here
They are the boss and the manager!
So, let me to say hello with them first!
I would like to introduce the president first
He is "SEO-KOO"
Let me also introduce the manager too⋯⋯
OK, we need to change into English channel from now
Actually these guys can speak fluent English
and some of their staff speak Mandarin
So let me chat up a bit with them now...
Actually i want to ask, is there any special activities that you will hold for your guests?
We usually have the Korean traditional cooking class for them and then ...
Beer Party
(rebec) Beer Party? ; (Hosun) Yeah...
few days ago, i joint their cooking class and beer party
It's really fun!
They will hold different type of activities for the guests regularly
for example teaching the guests to make traditional Korean dishes...
Drink beer and having fun together!
I am very happy with that
Everyone is very happy and getting along with each other too...
if you wanna get in touch with Korean directly
This is a good chance
and a right place for you here
Any other special activities that you guys will provide for your guests?
Yea⋯⋯actually we have the walking tour during the night
Maybe after you finished shopping...
Or eating something...
and then come back to our hostel...
Because there are many tourist attractions nearby our hostel
some of the guests come back after a long day
if they were interested to know more about the community
Seo-koo and Hosun would love to show them around too
There are some postcards here which is designed by themselves
you can send it to yourself
Around 6 months⋯⋯
Or according to your specific date request...
They will send back the postcard to you (like time capsule)
to arouse your pleasant memories of this place
Isn't it nice?
Actually you can see that...
the wall behind me...
or for my own experience⋯⋯
It is a very nice and lovely memory to get along with them
Therefore, if you visit Korea
remember to say here!


訂酒店 (首爾年輕型男老闆 朋友式款待小旅館 Stylish Host in SEOUL, STAY IN GAM)

2971 分類 收藏
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