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我覺得我的中文不好 and you think your English is bad?
The Taiwanese can actually speak very well like.
If you're so aggressive like, "Hey! Where's this place?"
I don't think it's frightening to them,
but it's more like "Oh God, what's the right answer? How do I tell them? What do I say first?"
I think it's a detail thing for a lot of foreigners about like that.
Because obviously we can't speak the language, so you really have to get so specific.
That could be a thing that kind like holds a lot of Taiwanese back to speaking English,
and then also maybe how fast.
I want for them to understand that it's okay,
and you can speak very slow. You can speak as slow as you want.
They should be more confident, definitely!
It doesn't matter how many English words that you know.
If you know one, if you know road. We can work off of that.
The only thing I have to compare it to in the areas is maybe Japanese,
they have huge problem with pronounciation and stuff
even ones who were taking it for a long time,so...
Foreigners gets lost really easily, please we need your help as much as you can.
Please just come up and talk to us, ask if we need anything.
I think most foreigners really wanna make new friends.
And I think a lot of Taiwanese are really hard on themselves when it comes to English speaking,
because they feel maybe they've been learning it for so long that they should know it.
For me, I can pick it up.
I know exactly what they are saying. It might not be grammatically correct.
As long as there are some dialogue, there are some meaning associated with the conversation.
I don't even think it matters.
You speaking English in general is nice to us like
now I've been learning Chinese for a year.
But I'm not that good myself so I can't possibily judge you,
based on your level of English when my level of Chinese is not even that good.
Just take it easy like, you are good. If we understand it.
You are good. Just if you see a foreigner that speaks English to you just try your best.
Because we are not going to you know, criticize you for it.
We will work through it!
You are speaking English with us and that's all we ask for so...
You know let us know what you think.
Oh by the way, we are twins!
We are twins! Whee...
Yeah, if you didn't noticed this.
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So please subscribe right up here and tell us what you think about the video.
Thank you. Bye.




187990 分類 收藏
Rose 發佈於 2015 年 8 月 31 日    Rose 翻譯    Vivi Lee 審核
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