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These three Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors look the same very much
But they have different characters
This 4E in my left side removes much more hair volume
The other two 4Eb remove less hair volume without tool marks
They are designed by using the interlocking device to combine together with ease
Though my hand is not bigger than others
It's very easy for me to hold and use it this way
The quality of this model is very good her eyes are very beautiful
I dyed her hair in purple with red
I want to cut by easy way so I texturize it directly without sectioning
As her hair flow is not smooth I texturize a little bit more hair volume inside for her
It creates her hair short and thin inside long and thick outside with bob effect
Seeing from her profile, three-D of her hair has been shaped because I have adjusted her hair volume already
Now, I just cut here to create the length I need
Customers will rest assured when you are cutting their hair because they will know exactly how long of the length it will be
I use Vern Intelligent Combined Super Curve Scissors-4N
It could be used for not only single pair
But also two pairs combined together by the interlocking device
I texturize the hair volume first
To create the impression of space and then cut the length
A perfect Bob hairstyle is finished this way
When you cut simply and fast customers maybe say you are not serious
It's a conceptual issue
We need to learn how to promote yourself during cutting process
you should have the courage of expressing yourself
We are all the same Hairdressers need to grow up together
Renewing your ideas takes time So that's why we always hope you could attend our seminars
The whloe team from the Europe America and Korea came to Vern classes in Taiwan
I am very surprised at their attitudes toward learning
All of them come from a great background They are all very outstanding with experience in hairdressing industry for two or three decades
They know exactly what they want thus their attitude is so different
They still came to Vern to learn a faster and more efficient way to cut with Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors even the language difference
If your customers are not willing or afraid to color hair
we won't earn money from this kind of customers
Having Color Hair Extensions you could apply to any section you want
Circle it like this and then it is done
After blow-drying I highlight the contour line
These details need to be done to let the customer feel you are really diligent in her hair
Then I cut here short to let the round style with a bit of characteristic beauty
And make the purle hair inside stand out to emphasize the color I designed
We all want to design a characteristic hairstyle
with customer satisfacation to reach higher rate of returned customer
Design a characteristic middle-long hairstyle
with segment of colors and contrast to left and right length like this
Keep it balance You would satisfy your customers and fulfill yourself
Because I have adjusted the hair volume at the back
The curved contour line could be dealt with very beautifully by using 4N
This is the end of my cutting
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剪髮教學 (Bob with a rounded Bang/fringe Mid-long contrastive haircuts for lady by Cherry, Vern Hairstyles 22)

2088 分類 收藏
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