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- Ooh these are sexy shoes.
- Today we're trying on stilettos.
- I have never worn any type of heels before, ever.
- Definitely never tried stilettos.
- So poppin' my heels' virginity today.
- I think they will make me feel tall and powerful.
I don't know if that's a good thing.
I mean I already feel like I intimidate guys
because I'm 5'10".
- And I'm issuing a challenge to myself right now
to be able to run in them.
- I think stilettos are so pretty.
But I'm terrified.
- I've heard girls say they're "comfortable."
- I'm gonna love 'em.
- Ow!
- What is this? Are these six inches?
It sounds standard but it looks terrifying.
- Tell my family I love them.
- Oh my Lord, yep I like this.
This is really fun.
- My instinct is to lean forward
and that is obviously a huge (bleep) mistake.
- Alright.
- I can't gesture as much or else I'm gonna fall over.
- Like, ooh.
- I would not pass like any field sobriety test in these.
- Are guys attracted to like the, wobbliness?
- I feel incredibly confidant and insecure at the same time.
- I'm sort of having a little bit of fun right now.
- I'm gonna try and run.
Not bad, but I feel like it probably looked really awkward.
- I wish I had shorts on right now.
My calves probably look real good.
- Yeah I feel really like I'm sort of like
a super villain in a movie,
like stolen the president's daughter.
- I feel like I could kick some ass.
- If I forgot my mace I'd be like, whatever.
Because if a guy attacks me it's just like,
bitch, now you're dead!
- My posture I feel like is fantastic right now.
- It's good for a woman who wants posture and to not move.
If you need me to do anything though?
(Beep) you.
- I'm trying to see if my butt looks astronomically amazing.
- But I've seen girls like strut down the street on these.
I don't know how they do that.
- I think I could dance in these.
- I'm nailin' it, I'm (bleep) nailing it!
Can you believe this?
I'm good.
- It's definitely not as bad as I thought.
- I didn't think I'd like them but I do like them.
- I can see, like, the first time I wore skinny jeans,
that wasn't comfortable but now I wear them all the time.
- Effortless.
- I kind of am in love with them.
I'm totally re-thinking my plan
to never buy a pair of these.
- That was like surprisingly way more fun
than I anticipated it being.
- They're not as difficult as I expected,
but they are just as uncomfortable as I expected.
- I feel like my feet are already swollen.
- After a whole day this would be miserable.
- Your butt's feelin' perky as hell because it's doing
everything it can to have you not fall over.
So if anyone were to grope me at a bar,
it would be like rock hard, they would be like intimidated.
- I just wanna show up on a first date wearing these.
You were saying.
- Yeah, I might wear heels again, someday.
- Can I keep these?
Would guys ever put themselves through this?
Hell no, no way!
Guys would never walk around with their toes hurting
for 12 hours just to look hot.
- I feel like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz
who gives no (beep).



恨天高!女人穿超高高跟鞋新體驗! (Women Wear Stilettos For The First Time)

8130 分類 收藏
小弟 發佈於 2015 年 8 月 2 日
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