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You can write everything down if you want to,
be brave enough
to write every one of your goals down, but I'm gonna tell you something.
Life's going to hit you in your mouth and you gotta do me a huge favor,
your why has to be greater
than that knockdown. And I love it.
Buster Douglas got knocked out.
Nobody ever got knocked out by Mike Tyson
and ever got back up.
It was almost a ten count,
he was stumbling
1! And, ding, ding, ding,
saved by the bell.
He goes to his corner, and the whole world is like 'yep that's it'.
Once he comes back out, that's it,
Mike is gonna just hammer him.
And exactly that,
Mike Tyson came out like - I got him.
I got this kid up against the rope.
Listen to me, many of you right now,
lives got you up against the rope.
You can't give up, you can't give in.
Listen to me, if it was easy everybody would do it.
And if lives got you backed up,
I need you to do it, Buster Douglas did.
Buster Douglas start fighting back!
The world was shocked!
Goliath has been knocked down, "what happened?"
And they went to Buster Douglas,
and they asked Buster Douglas simply like, "what happened?"
And Buster Douglas said, "Listen to me,
it's really simple. Before my mother died,
she told the whole world
that I was going to beat Mike Tyson."
"And two days before the fight, my mother died."
Buster Douglas had...he had a decision to make.
When his mother died,
he can die with his mother
or made a decision,
'I can wake up,
and I can live for Mom'
and he knocked Mike Tyson out.
Simply because his why was greater than that punch.
His why was greater than defeat.
His why was greater than his triumph and his tribulation.
And I'm telling you.
If you don't know what your why is
and your why isn't strong,
you will get knocked down every single day!


堅韌不撓 (Resiliency - Motivational Video)

6976 分類 收藏
Adam Huang 發佈於 2015 年 7 月 16 日    Szu-wei Chen 翻譯    James 審核
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