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So as Minion fever not only continues to grip the globe but whip it into a banana-like frenzy,
surely the question on everyone’s mind as the leave the theater is...what’s next?
Well that would be Despicable Me 3, currently set for June 30th 2017. Today we’re going
to discuss what we know about the film so far, what we can speculate, and what we’ve
got our fingers crossed for! And beware, there be spoilers ahead for the Minions movie...
So, what do we KNOW? Well, the focus of the franchise will return to Gru and his family,
which don’t forget now includes anti-villain league agent Lucy. Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig,
Miranda Cosgrove and Russell Brand are all set to return, as are - of course - the minions.
And considering how close Despicable Me 2 got to a billion, this third film could be
the first non-Disney animated film to join the billion dollar club - that is, if Minions
doesn’t get there first. And that’s all we know for sure, as Illumination Entertainment
has two other films hitting theaters first before Despicable Me 3 - The Secret Life of
Pets for Summer 2016 and a project yet to be determined for Christmas 2016. Hmm...if
Minions is successful enough they could always move Despicable Me 3 up a few months, just
as Disney Animation did with Moana in response to Frozen’s success. Wouldn’t a Despicable
Me holiday movie be BANANA?! Or would it be a little too close to The Nightmare Before
Christmas...? Or How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Which, by the way, Illumination Entertainment
is remaking for Christmas 2017. But with Despicable Me 3 a ways off, that gives Illumination Entertainment
some time to think, and here’s what they need to think about... After being the stars
of their own film, can the minions go back to being SECOND banana in a third Despicable
Me film? I mean, Kevin, Bob and Stuart are household names now! Not to mention Minions
seriously raises the bar of EVIL for this franchise. Scarlet Overkill, as well as her
husband Herb, are a legitimate threat - while Despicable Me 2’s El Macho...not so much.
Plus should we revisit Villain Con to see if it’s grown ala Comic Con years later?
And what about the Anti-Villain League? Is Lucy still and agent, or is Gru no longer
a villain?! He’s kind of been flirting with being a good guy since the franchise began,
but I don’t know if the minions will follow a good guy... Plus with Ant-Man and Guardians
of the Galaxy 2 already set to focus on fathers, will Gru’s personal life seem like old news
by the time 2017 comes around? Then again, perhaps this third film could focus on Margo,
Edith and Agnes. Should they be aged up ala Hiccup? And are they turning into villains,
heroes...or are they divided, with some villains and some heroes?! What - and who - do you
want to be the focus of Despicable Me 3? And does this franchise need to get more evil,
less evil, or is it just right? Plus with a strong focus on Mexico for Despicable Me
2, and a strong focus on France and England with Minions, what country should be in the
spotlight next? Write your thoughts down below. I’m Grace Randolph and this has been a Movie
Byte! You can watch more, right now!


神偷奶爸3 Despicable Me 3 2017上映 (Despicable Me 3 2017 - Gru, Lucy, Margo, Edith, Agnes & MINIONS - Beyond The Trailer)

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