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  • Some people just make my day!

  • Hi,

  • So I want to share with you something that happened to me the other day:

  • I was waiting for the traffic to clear to get out of my driveway, when I noticed a guy

  • coming down the footpath on his bike.

  • I did the nice thing and reversed back to let him through, and as he went cruising past

  • he was looking straight at me with the biggest smile on his face and was giving me a thumbs

  • up the whole time.

  • This simple act of pure joy from this bloke was so awesome I couldn’t stop smiling

  • all the way to work. It simply just made my day.

  • It also got me thinking: what are some other things people do that make my day.

  • I love receiving unexpected messages from friends: especially when we have not spoken

  • in some time.

  • I love when people are polite and give you a sincereThank Youwhen you

  • do something for them, even if it is your job. It’s funny how two little words can

  • make you feel so good about yourself.

  • I love when people smile at you for no apparent reasonit really is infectious.

  • I love receiving surprise compliments that recognise my good work or simply a nice feature

  • about myself.

  • I really love when someone share their lollies or chocolates with meisn’t that what

  • thoseshare packsare for?

  • And the people that really make my day are you guys. It fills me with pride and joy to

  • see notifications from people from all corners of the world commenting on my videos or replying

  • to my own comments. I feel like I could call many of you friends that I have never physically

  • metso thank you for lighting up my day! Now that I feel good about myself - let me

  • know below what are some of the things that make your day, and if youre new here, please

  • stick around, and you too can part of this joyful community.

  • Until next time though, thank you and goodbye!

  • [Mimics outro music]

  • [Outro music]

Some people just make my day!


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讓我的日子變得更美好的人 (People That Make My Day)

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