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We've invited these babies, puppies, and their respective guardians
to take part in what might be the cutest experiment we've ever conducted.
Our toddlers and pooches will be put through a series of tests to measure one thing: jealousy.
The question is, when it comes to getting jealous, is the highly evolved human brain,
really all that different than the average dog's brain?
Thank you!
These kids are enjoying playtime,
but now, we're asking the mothers to shift their attention away from them.
Ah, hi! How are you doing?
The babies don't seem to mind if mom is on the phone or reading a book,
but how do you think they'll react when mom starts to shower attention on this lifelike doll?
Baby, nice baby, hi
These babies are now showing clear signs of jealousy.
(More crying)
And that's not all
Both of our toddlers are actively showing resentment toward our doll.
You don't want the baby?
Now, some viewers might not be surprised to learn that humans are born to be a little jealous,
but could the same be true for our four-legged friends?
So adorable.
Our two dogs, Ruby and Emma, didn't mind being ignored
while their owners were busy playing with their phones and other lifeless objects.
And it's so nice to me.
But what do you think will happen when their owners start
showering attention on what appears to be a new best friend?
Say hello to Noodles.
Look at this puppy! Wonder what kind of dog this is? It's so cute! Oh my god..
Ruby is clearly excited to see what her owner is holding.
Look at you!
When she finds out that it's a new dog, Ruby springs into play mode, in an attempt to make a new friend.
You are so cute!
But watch what happens when her owner picks a favorite.
You are so cute.
Now that Noodles is getting all the love, Ruby is on high alert,
and she's now vying for her owner's attention,
and just like with our previous pooch, Emma, Noodles is no toy.
He's the real thing.
Almost instantly, Emma goes on the offensive.
Although these pups aren't happy, there's a good reason that
dogs are wired to get worried when they aren't getting all the attention.
One possibility is that jealousy evolved in species that have multiple young
competing for parental resources, such as food, care, and affection.
Being a little whiny can seriously improve your odds for survival,
whether you're born a baby or a puppy.


嫉妒的真相 (Jealousy Bites | Brain Games)

3083 分類 收藏
Joyce Lee 發佈於 2015 年 6 月 29 日    James 翻譯    Jonathan Tan 審核
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