B1 中級 美國腔 4321 分類 收藏
At number 10, we have Kobe Bryant, from the Los Angeles Lakers,
still the highest paid player on the court in the NBA, and still has a very lucrative pact with Nike,
uh, started something called Kobe Inc. to make investments.
Tiger Woods ranks number 9 at 50.6 million dollars.
Tiger's been sidelined a lot of the last 12 months, missed a ton of cuts, really struggling.
He's made only $600,000 in terms of prize money,
but, still, Nike pays him more than 20 million dollars a year, and his golf course design business has picked up.
Phil Mickelson comes in at number 8. He outearned Tiger for the first time in his career.
Phil is very popular with his sponsors. They're gonna continue to use Phil long after his best playing days are behind him.
Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder ranks number 7, 54.1 million dollars,
uh, signed a huge deal last year, it's gonna be payout 300 million dollars, including royalties.
There was a huge bidding war between Nike and Under Armour, and the winner at the end of this, Kevin Durant.
LeBron James comes in at number 6, with 64.8 million dollars.
His shoes sold $340 million dollars worth for Nike in 2014, and that's just in the U.S.
Roger Federer comes in at number 5 with earnings of 67 million dollars,
pulls in $58 million dollars from sponsors and appearance fees, and then made $9 million on the court, in terms of prize money, over the last 12 months.
Lionel Messi ranks number 4 overall.
Barcelona redid his contract in 2014, added 9 million dollars to his playing salary.
He is Adidas' biggest sponsor when it comes to promoting soccer around the world.
Cristiano Ronaldo comes in at number 3, at nearly 80 million dollars. The three time Player of the Year is a corporate dream.
He's got a huge social media presence, with 158 million followers across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Manny Pacquiao ranks second overall. Manny had the biggest payday of his career in his May 2nd fight against Floyd Mayweather.
Also, added sponsors this year leading up to the fight, so signed deals with Footlocker, Nike had his own apparel line, made a deal with Nestlé.
And the highest paid athlete in the world, for the second year in a row and third time in four years, Floyd Mayweather, earned 300 million dollars over the last 12 months.
He controls the purse strings by also acting as a promoter.
He has ignored sponsorship deals in the past, but leading up to this fight, he signed deals with FanDuel, Hublot, Burger King,
and he also has his popular TMT merchandise, so Floyd earned about $15 million outside of the ring, over the last year.


2015收入最高的運動員 (World's Highest-Paid Athletes of 2015)

4321 分類 收藏
Joyce Lee 發佈於 2015 年 6 月 29 日
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