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Hello hello my love hello.
How much I love you I will show.
In every moment that we spend. Moving forward there's no end I can see.
We'll be spinning carelessly.
We'll be a bit of far away and back in home.
Go, go.
I see the rise in tide of you,
and the sun is shining through.
Each day I see a little more.
In time you'll close the door.
In the dark, shining like to show your spark.
Finding moment make your mark as you grow.
Go, go.
I'll watch you start to roll as far as you can.
Just like sand in my hands. I know that you can't stay.
I know I know it's hard to take
this time the part can really ache.
So I'm like I learn to fly away.
I love you each and every day in my heart
with every course I've learned to try
with every end there is a start, an ebb and flow.
Go, go.
Thank you for the love you share.
You always made time to spare.
I wasn't always so aware but now I know.
Just tell you learn to set me free. I'll learn to be who I could be.
And now I think I finally see the high and low.
Go, go.
Wherever I may go, you know I'll be fine.
Over time, I will shine.
I'll make you proud of me.



【超感人】爸爸與女兒的愛的視角,溫暖你的心!Loving Eyes -Toyota Safety Sense

75240 分類 收藏
Ashley Chen 發佈於 2016 年 8 月 7 日    王妍心 翻譯    Derrick Chen 審核
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