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  • In this video I am going to teach you how to make my blue cheese polymer

  • clay charm.

  • This one is shown as a wine charm and it is actually quite simple to make.

  • You'll need three colors. You'll need an off

  • white color. For this I used 3/4 translucent, 1/4 white and a touch of yellow.

  • Then you'll also need a little darker beige

  • color. and this was also made with 3/4 translucent, 1/4 white and then you'll want to add a yellow

  • brown hint to it and I made that ochre color like a golden yellow mixed with a burnt umber

  • brown. Just a touch.

  • And then the other color you'll need is a blue-green color. This I mixed literally with

  • half blue, half green and then a little bit of raw umber brown just to dull it down a

  • bit.

  • So the first thing we're going to start with is this lighter color and the blue green.

  • First you want to make this into a cane.

  • Next, take your light cream color, flatten it out a little bit, to the length of your

  • cane. Just lay the cane across it.

  • Next you'll need a razor blade. I am going to chop this up and reassemble it, and chop

  • it up and reassemble it. This will give us that look of blue cheese. Going to have this

  • color marble inside it.

  • After you've mixed this ball of clay into something that looks like blue cheese where

  • you can see the green and bits and pieces in the swirls then you don't have to chop

  • it up any more.

  • Now we need to careful not to blend the colors, but you need to smooth this ball of clay out.

  • Now once you have a nice ball of clay you'll

  • need to take a rolling pin and flatten it out.

  • Now I want this to be thick because blue cheese

  • is a very thick cheese. this is about the thickness of my fingers and this will work

  • and I'm going to use my circle cookie cutter.

  • I do want to soften the edges because I am going to make this into a big roll of blue

  • cheese.

  • The next step will be to add the rind to this cheese. So we'll need this color, the soft

  • beige and we need to run it though the pasta roller for a thin coat that we'll wrap around

  • the cheese.

  • I ran this through my pasta roller on setting 4. I'm going to use my larger cookie cutter,

  • to cut out a circle.

  • You might find you have little air bubbles and you do not want those in your clay so

  • make some small incisions and then smooth them out.

  • Now once you have everything smoothed out

  • take a heavy grit sandpaper and texture the entire roll.

  • Next step we need to use the chalks to really

  • give this rind a golden color.

  • This will make 8 slices of cheese, so I want to use this blade of course you can use any

  • blade but I happen to like this long blade. Make sure it is clean.

  • Slice it in the middle, you want this in half.

  • Be very careful that you cut it in half.

  • We need to use the chalks to color the insides of the rind.

  • Now we need to put an eye pin in this.

  • The final thing we need to do is to texture

  • this cheese so it looks like blue cheese.

  • I'm just going to dig into the sides of this.

  • Bake in the oven at 275 degrees for 30 minutes

  • and your charm is complete.}

In this video I am going to teach you how to make my blue cheese polymer


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藍奶酪聚合粘土教程 (Blue Cheese Polymer Clay Tutorial)

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