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How come no one invited Phil?
It's your party.
Hey Wes Ted I'm gonna head out
but thank you so much for hosting
I've never been to a Martin Luther King Jr. day party before.
Yeah it's always a dream of mine to throwing it.
You're good to drive?
Ah! Actually Chris is gonna take me home!
(laugh) Okay...
What's so funny?
Doesn't Chris live like... an hour on the opposite direction?
Yeah but he said there was no trouble!
He likes you okay? We called it the day you guys met.
No...! We're just friends! He even says so himself.
Friend wouldn't offer to drive an hour out of his way just to take you home.
Well maybe in your insensitive section of the world but believe it or not guys and girls CAN be just friends!
Look... Megan... I hate to blow this secret for all the guys out there,
but a guy that wants to be friends and a guy that wants to be MORE than friends, they act differently.
Like how?
Urgh... still not responding!
Uh... I don't know. Sorry.
MORE than friends...
Yeah I'm checking the forms right now and if you want I can pick it up from you tomorrow
I have a friend who is great at computers owes me a huge favor
and, just in case, I'll make an appointment with the Apple store R-I-G-H-T N-O-W.
Uhh... just put down ten.
Wait...! Don't you owe me money?
More than friends
No... no no no! What do you think you're doing?
You got me last time!
No. Okay. Just give me next time.
You say that every time.
I don't... no I don't say that every time. (You do.) Okay I say that every time!
We're going out tonight to celebrate my promotion. You should stop by!
Nah I'm gonna pass. Traffic's probably terrible right now.
Wait. Are any of your co-wokers cute?
More than friends
Yeah I'm on my way.
No. There's barely any traffic. I'll see you in two hours!
Oh geez... you know what I think I left my bobby pin at home.
More than Friends
I think I left my bobby pin at home.
I can drive home and get it!
Oh you don't have to...
Oh Gossip Girl is streaming!
What? (I know! I know!) Who cares?
More than friends
Woo Gossip Girl is streaming!
Oh what season should we start on?
Okay I'm gonna have to stop you right there.
Gossip Girl is a legitimately good show.
Yeah I have the DVD box at...
Okay fine. Just ignore all the facts.
He's not being nice because he wants something out of it
he's just a good guy.
Here, I'll prove it.
Chri.. oh my god!
Hey! Were you about to call my name?
Oh here's that water you asked for earlier. Sorry it took me so long.
I wrote your name on the cup so you don't get it mixed up.
Chris... buddy...
Are you sure you can give me a ride home?
Even though it's like two hours out of the way?
I never noticed. No seriously. Yeah of course! No! I got you!
And you're not giving me any special treatment and you do this for any of your friends
Uhhh... yeah!
Silly? Yeah of course!
Hey do you think we can stop by this one guy's house he's throwing a party in it
I kinda like him.
What are you...? Why...?
Yeah I can totally give you a ride home.
Guys are
Jerks. Yeah.
Do you think one of you guys can give me ride home?
We said that at the same time.



男女之間是否有純友誼?Friends vs. More Than Friends

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Terri Tsai 發佈於 2015 年 6 月 7 日    Terri Tsai 翻譯    Chao Joanne 審核
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