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Racism means... basically like.....
A large part of a race feels that they're superior to another race.
And so... and so not only do they believe that, but they act on it.
Examples will be... in class, sometimes I'll be the only black kid.
And we read a book like... you know Huck Finn.
And there's that uncomfortable moment.
The... "magic word" come up.
And people will look at you and like, "What's his reaction?". Things like that.
I was walking home from school with this one white girl and....
we'd just gone off the bus and we were about to... we were almost home.
And there's this group of black kids like, had just gone out of school.
And she was like, "Oh let's cross the street. It's a group of black kids. I don't want to run into them."
And, so she told me!
I don't even know why she would do that.
It was a sweat band just to reinforce my wrist.
I had a teacher come up to me and said,
"You should take it off because it looks gang affiliated"
I have been in a situation where, you know, I had to cross the street.
Because I don't want to scare the white lady that was walking.
I would actually... it would get to a point while I was starting to count
how many times a woman would clutch her bag.
When I was 16, I was leaving my mom's house.
And my pajamas which had snowmen on them with my brother, and...
we were actually stopped by the police, rather aggressively.
I've been stopped by the cops on my way between classes.
Because we have two separate buildings walking from one building to the other building
As my white students in the same class walk by me.
It's kind of upsetting, because...
we live in a world where my mom has to be afraid when I walk outside
from the people that are meant to protect me.
And I just... I don't like when my mother feels like that.
You know, I love my mother.
She should always... I want her always to be happy.
You know I... walk tall. I keep my head up.
Very... you know, try to be very articulate and polite.
And so of course, I was like, OK I'm gonna be fine because I act in a certain way.
Of course that has absolutely nothing to do with it.
People... the way people perceive you... you know, it's not up to you.
My parents taught me, oh you know,
"Cops are your friends. You're supposed to know they're here to protect you."
But all I'm seeing is the opposite.
So how can I not be afraid when I feel like I'm being hunted?
When I feel like I'm there to fill a quota?
We are in so called "free society".
And as a black man, we literally don't feel free.
We don't know what "freedom" is.
Every time when we're killed, the first thing you see on the news is,
oh, criminal record or something like that.
from the second... the bullet hits us.
Already we're starting to be dehumanized.
Black people like myself, we don't get as many chances as they do.
So you have to be aware. You have to watch out.
You can't mess up.
This is an extremely emotionally-taxing process for me in terms of coming to terms with...
Maybe the nature of racism in my own life, in this country, in this world,
If you wait until somebody's 12, 13, 14 to put that on them,
It's... it can be really difficult.
My dad... he just like the honest one, he's like, "Listen, son," like,
"The things... and this world... like you have to watch out."
He doesn't want me to live in fear.
But he wants me to be aware.
I want people to know that I'm perfectly fine
I'm not gonna hurt anybody or do anything bad.
I should be judged about... who I am.
And like, what kind of person I am.
My parents would tell me, mostly my mom, she would tell me,
"You have to endure. You have to muscle through it."
And like... this is no different.
It's part of being a person of color in America.
And there is a certain comfortability associated with that.
Because if I know, if something is inevitable, then I know how to deal with it.
Fortunately, I've had parents who would said, "This is what you do."
Mom and dad, I'll be fine because you did a good job raising me.
You gave me all the resources, the time, the blood, sweat and tears.
to make me a good man, an honorable man, and...
the foundation to survive in this country.
I want you to know that, I will act in an appropriate manner.
And do everything that you told me to do.
Because I do love you
and I know that everything you say is not "for a reason", and not just to talk the talk.
And I love you.



隱形的歧視:非裔孩子最深沉的告白 A Conversation About Growing Up Black | Op-Docs | The New York Times

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gang 的意思是「幫派;一群不良少年」,帶有貶意,通常用來表示一群常常聚在一起惹禍的年輕人。不過在口語上,年輕人也會使用 gang 單純的來指「一群朋友」,是比較不正式的用法。而 gangster,則是表示「幫派份子」,也就是幫派裡的人。而 gang 也可以做為動詞「組織幫派;成群;表現得像幫派」。一個常用的片語 gang up (on someone) 的意思則是「(為反對某人) 而組織起來」。
He's the member of the notorious gang in our town. Don't ever try to challenge him.

After moving here, I've made some new friends, but still, I miss my old gang.

People ganged up on the senator for his absurd act.

桌上世界:小小世界-桌遊 Small World: Wil Wheaton, Jenna Busch, Grant Imahara, Sean Plott. TableTop, Episode 1

rather 是副詞,有五個解釋,幾乎完全不同的意思,分別是「相當;寧願;比起;相反地;更明確地」。
Since getting rejected by that girl a month ago, Mark has been rather depressed.

【TED-Ed】深海裡的火箭 How life begins in the deep ocean - Tierney Thys

第二、三個意思常與 than 連用,形成一個片語 rather than,意思是「比起...寧願...」。
If my life were as hard as his, I would rather just give up.

If I need to do something serious in the summer, I'd rather work than take summer classes.

Rather than earning a great fortune, I would like to work a job that enriches my spirit.

第四個意思「相反地」,通常使用在一個前述的情況不符合事實時,用 rather 去接述真實的情況。
Things have not gotten better since their fight, butrather they are now in a cold war.

The main reason for the failure of this company is not their lack of technical skills, but rather their lack of concern of the market's needs.

快樂的起源 (Paul Bloom:快樂的起源 (中英雙字幕))


be meant to1:53
be meant to 的意思是「註定;本來應該要...」,第二個意思與 be supposed to 相近。
They are meant to be together.

Those donations were meant to help the victims of the Boston bombing, but it turned out that someone stole it.

mean to + V 則是另一個延伸出的用法,意思是「故意...」。
I didn't mean to upset him by saying those harsh words. They just slipped out of my mouth.

有時,我們也會用 I mean it. 來表示「我是認真的」。
Don't ever let me find out you're here again. I mean it.

TED-Ed:情境式諷刺:與你預期的相反 What is verbal irony? - Christopher Warner

up to you2:19
up to you 的意思是「由你決定」,是比較口語的說法。而另外一種常見的說法則是 depend on someone,意思是「由... 決定」。
Andy: Which one do you think I should pick?
Berry: It's up to you, bro.
Andy: 你覺得我應該挑哪一個?
Berry: 老兄,你自己決定吧。

不過,我們常常會聽到的 What are you up to? 的意思是大不相同的喔!它的意思是「你在做什麼啊?」和 What are you doing? 一樣,常常用於和很久沒有見的朋友打招呼時,指的就是「你最近都在做什麼?」總歸來說,它可以被當成真正的問句,也可以只是單純寒暄。

你有這些症狀?那承認吧,你其實很愛上學! (Signs You Actually Love School)

in terms of3:07
這個片語的翻譯是「依照... 的角度」。不過大部份的人對於這樣的解釋大概還是似懂非懂吧?到底真正要使用在句子裡該如何用呢?不如我們就直接從例句來理解吧!
The dollar price of this product is not high; however, in terms of the quality, I still think it's pretty expensive.

【TED】如何找到紐約市最差的停車位?——用大數據說話 How we found the worst place to park in New York City — using big data


文/ 蔡宜庭
編輯/ Lilian Chang




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