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Traveling overseas alone is a great way to build character and broaden one's perspective.
However this is something a lot of young Asian people rarely consider.
So we thought it'd be interesting to ask young people from Western culture why they travel by themselves.
So where are you from? And how old are you?
I'm from Brazil, and I'm 21.
I'm from Canada, and I'm 19 years old.
I'm from Germany, and I'm 21 years old.
I'm from Holland, and I'm 18 years old.
Born in Colombia, and I'm 26 years old.
I mean, that's really interesting coming from Colombia,
why did you decide to, you know, come to Australia for example?
Because there was military tanks rolling down the main road,
and the cinemas were getting blown up.
So it was a very violent country,
to move to Australia and be given the opportunity to actually work and study,
is a lot better than being in Colombia,
as opposed to you could get killed.
When you traveled for the first time, how old were you?
I was 17.
You travelled by yourself when you were 17.
What exactly was your motivation,
your drive behind you wanting to actually just go to another place?
The world is so big and so beautiful, you have to explore,
you only have one time on this earth, you live once,
and you just have to go for it.
Because I really wanted to see something from world,
and improve my English.
How did you though feel when you say, oh wow I have to do this by myself?
I was pretty nervous, like don't get me wrong I'm still,
it's nerve-racking to travel by yourself.
But, you're not alone because there're so many people doing it as well.
People your age...from Holland.
is that something that they do quite a bit?
Yep, almost all my friends who have finished high school,
they went traveling for a year and then they go to university.
So they take like a gap year.
You're still very young. How do you afford to travel, basically?
I have a working holiday visa so I work during my traveling.
What kind of job do you have to do?
Like in restaurants or in bars.
Or you can work in hostels to pay for your stay.
I think the keyword there will be "sacrifice".
You know, instead of buying good dinner every night,
you got to go homebrand, you got to go to the cheaper stuff,
just so that you can put a bit aside every week,
to actually make that $1000 deposit on the airfare.
I worked in Germany for 4 years,
and I lived with my parents so I could save all the money for my trip,
and when I came here I started to work again.
So you travel first and then you work here?
Yeah, that's an option, too.
What kind of work then do you have to do?
Usually in a restaurant as an waitress, something like that.
I worked two jobs, all day in the summer.
What did you do?
I was a waitress, so I made good money in tips and what not,
but it was hard work to get me where I am now.
Let's say you save up, and then you come to a different country,
when you're there do you have to work there as well?
It depends, if you get a working holiday visa, for here I did.
So I've been here for 6 months now and I worked the day I got here, so...
So it's similar jobs?
No, I'm actually an au pair.
I like what I do living with the family and my accommodation's paid for,
my food's paid for, and all I have to do is help them with children,
and I Iove kids and I get paid for it.
So anybody can really do this then?
Anybody could travel.
What would you say is like some of the biggest things you get out of traveling?
I think you learn a lot, like you're by yourself,
so you know how to take care of yourself.
Because when you live at home,
your parents pay everything for you,
and do everything for you.
So I think you really grow up.
I think I can do a lot of things by myself now,
because I planned my whole trip alone,
and I'm traveling alone,
so yeah, I could say I have a lot of experience in that.
And I got very, um much open minded.
Do you see many Asian people, like you know, traveling by themselves for example?
I saw some but not that much.
Do you see a lot of 19 year old Asian, like young Asian people traveling by themselves?
Is that something you come across quite often?
Unfortunately not.
I've met a few, but unfortunately they don't talk to me.
Like I've tried to engage conversation but,
they don't have it.
But I'd like to see more, for sure.
Traveling isn't just about going to that country, its about immersing yourself into their culture.
Like spending time there, talk to the local people.
I hope this video encourages you to save money towards traveling.
Step out of your comfort zone and be curious about other people and other cultures.
Thanks for watching guys and please subscribe to our channel.


【享受吧一個人的旅行】每個青年都該來趟自助旅行! Why Young People Should Travel Alone

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