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So in this operation I'm going to be doing a breast reduction on a lady. Now
she's in her mid-twenties, but she's got a lot of asymmetry as you can see in the photos,
with this nipple being really right down here when she's at rest, Down by her tummy button.
So really, really low, and her right side is a little bit bigger than her left. So I'm
going to perform a breast reduction procedure today. She's very keen to have the nipple
remain attached. So I'm going to lift the nipple up to that new position, although it
is quite low, and then remove all this tissue here and here and then make a new breast shape
there. She'd like to be quite small. So I'm going to try to keep her as small as possible.
So I thought now I'd show you the tissue I've removed. So this is the tissue we've removed
from this lady. I don't know if you can see that. Now I'll just hand that off, and then
I'll just show you the nipple is attached there. She'd like her nipple attached. So
what I'm going to do is swing the nipple up to that new position and then sew the skin
around, and I'll show you that in a second. But this is where the nipple is attached,
and it's got quite a good blood supply. But I'll show you that in a second when I've stitched
everything up. This is the right side completed. You can see the left side was actually the
smaller side. You see that compared to the right side now, which is much firmer and tauter.
I don't know whether you can see that. I'm pleased with that result. I think that's a
good B/C cup hopefully, and the nipple is nice and pink. So that's great. So I just
got to repeat the exercise on the other side. Left side is the smaller side, the least droopy
side. So I finished the right side. So can you see, we've got quite a nice shape there
and quite a nice firm breast with the nipple much higher. But on the left, you can see
that we've got much more skin, and the nipple is going to sit much lower. So I've just got
to lift the nipple up to that new position there, and hopefully I can create a nice breast
bust like on the right side there. This is the end of the operation with both nipples
secured in their new high position. You can see they're quite a long way above the fold
there. So they are not going to be droopy or low. I've removed 901 grams of tissue from
this side and 882 grams from this side. So I think we've got a much better bust hopefully
and hopefully very neat at the end. The operation, it didn't look too good halfway through, but
at the end it does. So, in this operation I'm going to be doing a breast reduction on
a lady Robin Normal.dot Robin Microsoft Office Word So, in this operation I'm going to be
doing a breast reduction on a lady Title Microsoft Office Word Document MSWordDoc Word.Document.8


隆胸 (Extreme Bilateral Breast Reduction - Aurora Clinics)

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