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Girl, it ain't no lie.
Just look deep into my eyes.
You're perfect and I think you should know.
That you don't need no lipstick.
You don't need no blush.
Cuz you've got that inner natural glow.
Magazines say that you're whack.
(Girl, don't believe them.)
Just leave that tabloid trash on the rack.
(Girl, don't you read them.)
You're beautiful and who cares what they think.
Now, wash that lovely face off in the sink.
In the sink, girl.
Girl, you don't need makeup.
You're perfect when you wake up.
Just walk around like that all day.
Wipe that goop off of your face.
I'll take you to a special place.
It's something that I've got to say.
Wipe it off.
Ho-ho-hold up, girl. We spoke too soon.
With this whole no makeup tune.
We kinda changed our minds on the makeup thing.
You'll be the hottest girl in the nation.
With just a touch of foundation.
Girl, I can't be seen with the ghost from The Ring.
I didn't realize that your lashes were so stubby and pale.
Just a little mascara and you'll look female.
Please listen, girl, what we're trying to say.
Just get up an hour earlier.
And you can make yourself much girlier.
Girlier, much girlier.
Girl, you don't need makeup.
You're perfect when you wake up.
Just don't go outside like that, OK?
Just a little makeup.
Some natural-looking makeup.
What more do I have to say?
Just put it on.
Sing na na na, na na na.
Na na na na na na.
That's not enough, girl.
Na na na, na na na.
Girl, I gotta get real with you.
I got a lot of regrets in my life.
I regret missing my father's funeral to audition for The Voice.
I regret being high when my niece was born.
But most of all, I regret telling you not to wear makeup.
That's on me.
But what's on you is hopefully more makeup.
See, it's like I tore up a shag carpet, assuming there were hardwood floors underneath.
But it turned out being just dirty linoleum.
These are just metaphors, girl.
But they are about your face.
Girl, you do need makeup.
Lots and lots of makeup.
Think of a clown and then work your way back.
You are great except your face, girl.
Don't take off your makeup.
Wear it when you sleep and swim.
We met someone else, we're out.


Inside Amy Schumer - Girl, You Don't Need Makeup (歌詞/lyrics)

4384 分類 收藏
VoiceTube 發佈於 2015 年 5 月 23 日    Amy.Lin 翻譯    少少 審核
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