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It began with an idea
and a light in a cave.
One very proud dad, with a picture to save.
And all through the night, paint a picture he did,
of himself, and his wife and their
two darling kids.
But when the sun finally rose on the following morn,
along with a painting,
a problem was born.
For he wanted to share his new masterpiece, with his friends in the
village, and his dad and his niece.
But they were far, far away,
a day's journey at least,
through dangerous woods, with all manner of
No, no one would come, they just wouldn't dare
not to mention the cave was now home to a bear!
And so for thousands of years it remained undisturbed, locked away in a
cave his work unobserved.
That picture's still there,
and if you get a chance, you really should go see it if you're ever in France.
Or just open your guidebook to
one seven three where
you'll find on the page a perfect copy.
That picture's now free to go where it likes, by foot or by boat
or even by bike.
And though it's traveled the world and got many looks, it's not
truly open and free
if it's just printed in books.
But then something happened up here in the cloud
things that were once held and tied down, like books, still exist
they're being downloaded now
with a flick of the wrist.
And our family photos once hidden in caves, now circle the globe on radio waves along
with our music, our emails, our grocery lists, our blogs and our documents, and well
you get the gist.
But how did it all get up here?
Was it magic perhaps? No. It
was carried to the cloud
using software called apps.
And happy app developers, tireless and brave, worked both day and night so we
could share and save.
But as the cloud grew
and new clouds arose
our developers became much less free to compose, their apps locked and
held down by code that was closed.
So we sought a new way to invent and create
a platform that would free innovators to innovate. With this new
revolution we opened the cloud,
it's changing the world and it makes us so proud,
to build a future together that surely will be much brighter than we could do
And I think that our cave dad would probably
All of us here are
really quite proud
of the future we're building in the open cloud.


驕傲的父親 One Very Proud Dad

4402 分類 收藏
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