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Prefabs in Unity are preconfigured game objects
that you create in the scene
and store in the project.
They can then be instantiated or cloned,
meaning to create an instance of them
during the game.
They have all manner of uses and are a key part
of development in Unity.
They are used for everything from rockets
to enemies, to procedural levels.
To make a prefab simply create your game object
in it's desired configuration in your scene,
from whatever components you need,
and then drag it to the project panel
to save it as a prefab.
It can then be deleted from the scene.
To edit a prefab you can either select it in the project,
and adjust properties in the inspector.
Or drag an instance of it back in to the scene,
edit it in the inspector,
and then press the apply button at the top.
This saves changes back in to the prefab
and you can then remove the instance from the scene
yet again.
Also, if you have many instances of a prefab,
and you make edits to one of them,
and decide you would like others to be the same
you can hit apply.
The other instances will inherit this update
from the prefab's settings.
Likewise if you make a change to
one of your instances
and you decide you don't like it anymore
you can revert to the settings of the prefab
by clicking the revert button at the top.


预设 - 概念和用法-Unity 官方教程 (Prefabs - Concept and usage - Unity Official Tutorials)

1557 分類 收藏
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