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Hey guys, welcome to Ideas Made Easy. Every week we share with you creative business ideas
that you can use to revolutionize your company. Do you want to learn what it takes to start
a conversation with anyone in a business environment? Well today we're gonna share with you two
examples of exactly how to get noticed at a conference, at a trade show or in a meeting.
When it comes to networking, it's important that you start that conversation with the
person well before the event. Here's an example. So I told the guy, with friends like these
who needs anemones. Excuse me, I just saw your panel and I thought it was phenomenal.
I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Dan and my company's just starting up.
It's, I... sorry I really just don't have time to talk right now but it's really nice
to meet you Dave. It's... it's Dan. Oh, hey Emily. Do you have a minute to speak? For
you? Of course! I said the exact same thing and she totally blew me off. How do they even
know each other? Now I'm just standing here awkwardly. What can I do with my hands? Quick,
I'll take a sip from this coffee. That's mine. Here you go, sorry. You can keep it. Anyway,
it was really nice to meet you. I'm really looking forward to your next blog post. Same
here. Take care. You too. Dude, how did you do that? How did you get to know someone so
influential? Well, I'm connected to her on LinkedIn, we keep up to date on each others
blog posts so we discuss on that forum plus also, I wouldn't steal her coffee. Always
set a game plan and make sure every interaction you make is one of quality. Watch this and
you'll see. Hi, I just started following you on Twitter. You post some really engaging
stuff. Uh yeah, I'm actually tweeting right now. What's your Twitter handle? Um it's @Emily.
Ok, cool. In Atlanta with @Emily #havingablast #catchingup done. Catching up? We don't even
know each other. #itdoesntreallymatter. Dude, this is harder than I thought. Going up to
people is not easy. It's better if we do it together. #letsdoit. Guys, what are you doing?
Don't you remember the game plan? Dan, your job is to hook the people. Bring them to the
table and get their info. Jake carries forward the tweets, posts and emails then I bring
it home and close the deal. Let's make the switch. Jake, you take the point and I'll
follow up. Got it? Got it. Break! So what's been your favorite session so far at the conference?
Uh it was definitely the HR panel, it was very informative. The speaker was great.
She talked about the different. *Sneeze* Thank you? #noproblem. #itsnothing. If you enjoyed
this video make sure to share it with your colleagues and friends on your social networks.
Today's challenge question is "What is one way that someone has approached you at a conference?".
Leave your comments below or on the GetCourse blog post. If you want more creative tips
and ideas, Be sure to check us out at GetCourse.com/Blog. We post amazing things there throughout the
entire week. That's stuff that you should be seeing. Once again thanks for watching,
I'll catch you guys next week. See ya later.


【商用英文】如何在商業情境開始一個成功的對話! (How To Start Conversations at Business Events)

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