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Today, I'm gonna show you a really easy way to peel potatoes.
If you got a pile of potatoes, using a conventional peeler can be time-consuming and boring.
So here's a clever little trick, which makes the whole process quicker, and a bit more fun!
Start by taking a sharp knife.
And carefully run the blade around the middle of potato like this.
Then, put it into a pan, ready to boil.
And to run the blade, just through the skin like this, and not too deep into the potato.
Do be careful not to cut yourself, and trying get the line to meet up on the other side.
Do this with all the potatoes you want to boil!
And put them all into the pan.
And take the pan, put on the stove.
Add some boiling water from your kettle, and leave the potatoes to cook.
When they're ready, drain the water into another pan, and keep the potatoes in the first one.
Run the pan under some cold water for a few seconds till they're just cool enough to pick up.
You should be able to see the cut mark all the way around the potato.
Next, use your fingers, and gently pull the skin off.
Then, turn it around, and do the same on the other side.
Ant that we have a really easy way to peel a potato!
Pretty cool, huh?
Using this method, you can peel all these potatoes really quickly.
Although they've cooled down just enough to pick them up, they're still really hot under the surface.
But if you like, you can take them back into the hot water we saved earlier to heat them up again.
I hope enjoy watching this video!
If you want to see more clever tricks, you can click on the right hand side.
Or take a look at my Youtube channel page.
Stay Safe! Have fun!
And as always, thanks for watching!


超神速馬鈴薯去皮法!以後不用傻傻削皮啦 Super Quick Potato Peeling! - Life Hack

51089 分類 收藏
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