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OK, tell us about the four seasons.
There are four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Autumn is another word for fall.
My favorite season is fall.
So what do you like about fall?
I love the colorful leaves!
I like Halloween and pumpkins.
But my favorite season is not fall, it is winter.
I like to play in the snow, even though it can get very cold in winter.
Mine is summer because you can swim and play in the sand.
Summer is sunny and hot where I live.
Spring is a nice season too - trees and flowers start blooming, it also rains a lot.
It looks like we are here.
Is this where Rusty works on his inventions?
Wow! Look at what he made. This room has all four seasons.
Snowy cold winter.
Spring with blooming trees, flowers... and a lot of showers.
Hot summer. Uh it is hot.
And this is fall - the trees have changed color and it is time to harvest crops.
Look, here is Rusty on the monitor.
Welcome to my lab! This is where I invent a lot of cool things.
My newest invention is called the Season Changer.
Wow! So this device can actually change seasons?
Yes. But you can only change them in order. Do you know in which order seasons change?
I do. Winter, spring, summer, and fall.
Correct. Please read how it works.
To activate the Season Changer you must:
After you complete these three steps, add water to activate the Season Changer.
Please deliver the Season Changer to me, but remember, if you talk about the seasons and you get the Season Changer wet, it will change your season.
OK, let's go deliver it.
By the way, Speedy, what do you know about fall?
Fall is harvest time, leaves turn different colors, and we carve pumpkins for Halloween.
Where I live, fall happens in September, October, and November.
After fall comes winter.
Look out!
Oh no! I think we activated the Season Changer and now it is ...
Winter! Wow! My favorite season.
And it is cold. Let's get the device out of the water to change it to the next season.
We can't because the lake is frozen.
Ok, let's talk about winter so the Season Changer will turn it to spring.
Winter is the coldest time of the year, days are short, nights are long, and it usually snows where I live.
Where I live, winter months are December, January, and February.
After winter comes spring!
We did it! Spring came after winter.
Now it is getting warmer and the lake is not frozen anymore.
Let's get the Season Changer out of the water.
What do you know about spring, Shawn?
Spring is when flowers and trees start blooming, it gets warmer and it rains a lot.
Where I live, spring happens in March, April, and May.
After spring comes summer!
Wow it is summer! My favorite time of the year!
What do you know about summer, Speedy?
Summer is the warmest season of the year, days are long and nights are short, people love to go swimming and eat ice cream!
Where I live, summer months are June, July, and August.
After summer comes fall!
Oops! The machine is not changing to fall...
We have no water to finish step number four.
This year summer is hot and dry.
So how do seasons change?
With the Season Changer
No. Nobody can change seasons.
The Earth travels around the Sun and it takes one year for the Earth to go all the way around the Sun.
A season is a division of the year marked by changes in weather.
Because the Earth is tilted, some parts of the Earth get more heat and light from the Sun at different times of the year and this creates four seasons.
Do you know the four seasons?
Of course I know the four seasons - winter, spring, summer, and fall.


The four seasons 四季 (The Season Adventure with Shawn and Team (Learn About the Four Seasons))

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