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What would you love to do in London?
Kaplan International English asked our students to create their perfect day in the capital.
Start your day with a river cruise down the Thames to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.
Take a tour inside one of the world's most historic buildings.
Want to get the London look?
Catch a cab to Oxford Street and enjoy an unrivalled shopping experience.
Drop those bags and take the Routemaster bus to Hyde Park.
Enjoy one of the city's largest green spaces. There's even boating and swimming.
Take the tube to Holborn and spend an hour at the British Museum.
View a vast collection of world art and artifacts for free.
It's lunch time! You can walk to Covent Garden and try one of the many restaurants.
Italian, Asian, or modern British? It's your choice!
Jump on the back of a rickshaw to the West End and watch Mamma Mia!
Sing along to all the Abba classics.
Let's continue that musical mood!
Hop on a Boris Bike towards the Royal Albert Hall.
Enjoy a classic concert in an iconic venue.
There's still time to party, so take the next bus to Soho.
It's been a long day, but there are so many bars to choose from!
Do you agree with Kaplan's students? Describe your dream day in London.
Visit Kaplan.do/ilovelondon



60 秒玩倫敦!8 件去倫敦必做的事 (London in 60 seconds: 8 Great Things to do in London)

107943 分類 收藏
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