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  • RUNNING. SWIMMING. RUNNING. SWIMMING. RUNNING! Run off. I've got a video to do.

  • Sup guys, Trace here. Thanks for watching DNews today. In High School, I was on the

  • track and cross country teams, but I was ALSO on the swim team. Running is exercise. Swimming

  • is too. They're both exercise, and they're both great in their own way. But, which is


  • Let's tackle the benefits: Running is easy, most people have two legs and can probably

  • walk and run -- if imperfectly. It’s great cardiovascular exercise. Running USA, the

  • major running and foot racing advocacy organization, says 30 million people took to the streets

  • at least 50 times per person in 2012. People who run or jog regularly, even for a 5 to

  • 10 minutes a day are healthier than non-runners, and have a 45% lower cardiovascular mortality.

  • Running can build bone density and runners have later-onset age-related disability and

  • 3 years added to their lives in comparison to non-runners.

  • Swimming has a little higher learning curve. You might have to take swimming lessons, for

  • one. But once you've gotten past that hurdle, the benefits are clear. Swimming is ALSO great

  • cardiovascular exercise. A 2008 peer-reviewed study in the International Journal of Aquatic

  • Research and Education followed over 40,000 men for 13 years and found lower mortality

  • rates than people who were sedentary, walkers, and runners. Resistance training is better

  • than pure cardio for building bone density and muscle; and swimming has resistance, if

  • small. In fact, the butterfly is considered the single most taxing movement in sports

  • -- it's more difficult than bicycling 14 miles per hour (23kph), or running a 10 minute mile.

  • Calories burned for either running or swimming vary depending on your weight and the difficulty

  • level. Though overall the journal of the American Statistical Association found swimmers will

  • burn 25 percent more calories, but runners can usually go for longer.

  • Running's biggest drawback is impact problems, right? It's an impact sport, my Dad always

  • said! Maybe not! A 21-year-long Stanford study of 1,000 runners and non-runners found joint

  • problems were found equally across both groups. Minimalist or barefoot running and thick running

  • shoes also battle within running culture, but in a comprehensive study of shoes versus

  • no shoes found the problem was people. If we're used to running with shoes, and try

  • barefoot we hurt ourselves; and the opposite is true too. So fight about if you want, but

  • if you do it right, the science seems to say they're both fine,. Long-distance intensive

  • running can cause health problems -- we've talked about it on DNews before..

  • Swimming has an obvious drawback; drowning. It does happen, though it's pretty damn rare.

  • Chlorine in swimming pools isn't great for your skin, but its there to kill disease-causing

  • contaminants. But kidsover-exposure to chlorine can reduce testosterone and infant

  • over-exposure cause respiratory problems. This is after hundreds of hours in a pool

  • environment; so maybe not something everyone should be concerned about. It can also be

  • alleviated by swimming in a lake, ocean, or a saltwater pool.

  • It seems pretty much a tie to me. Overall, both swimming and running promote cardiovascular

  • health, as long as you don't overdo it, and you get the proper training. With both swimming

  • and running make sure you talk to someone about proper technique if you want to do it

  • right. Just because you can doesn't mean you know how to do it properly. So which do YOU

  • think is better? Why don't you tell us? I like both.

  • Exercise is hard, but so is Going Off Grid. It's not for everyone. Going off grid explores

  • the lives of those who choose a different path. This pro-snowboarder lives in a tiny

  • house in Northern California. The whole thing is only 225 square feet.

RUNNING. SWIMMING. RUNNING. SWIMMING. RUNNING! Run off. I've got a video to do.


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