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now in case you don't know who we are I'm barry and this is Ben hes the chef hence the outfit
just to explain we are in Jamie Olivers kitchen at the moment. We are taking over and we are making
pea and ham orzo today
so something with a slight twist, a Sorted of twist on risotto
Jamie Oliver is pretty hot on his risottos but were going to do one today with a
cheat we are going to use orzo pasta instead of risotto rice so its so much quicker
and easier and plus
we are going to flavor ours with pea and ham classic
combos for simple cooking okay so to start with I'm going to do a shallot if you can grab a garlic
and chop that up
that will be the base of our rissoto
sweat it off in some oil and butter meanwhile one of two flavors in the dish
we've got some ham now this is just a gammon joint or piece of ham
we've boiled off in a little bit of water until its cooked through
awesome sandwiches its great to have around for pasta dishes because its already cooked
we just need to dice it up a little bit to go into our rissoto, orzo and
key to risotto season all the way through so season at the start salt and pepper half way through
and then at the end as well
come here right onions and garlic's sweated off so are ham can go in as well
and then your barely going to believe this but we are nearly there already all we have got to do now is add
no honestly this is how simple this dish is a glass of wine to reduce down
so white wine nice Italian white wine all of our orzo ow you've used this stuff before
once on our channel
its like a pasta but in rice grain very very small easy to
get hold of
cooks much quicker than rissoto rice
that can go in
cover that in all the winery buttery goodness
then bit of a cheat a stock cube that's going to go in as well
just to clarify
orzo is pasta
yes it behaves a little bit like rice in fact that it leeches lots of starch what gives it this risotto
but cooks a lot quicker like pasta does
and unlike a risotto when normally you would have to add stock a little bit at the time
this time you put the whole lot in at once make sure its the right amount and you can get all our
ingredients on our website ... Sortedfood.com
now that's how simple this risotto is in the meantime we can
grate up some Parmesan so grab some Parmesan out of the fridge
yes so much easier than normal risotto you don't have to stand there laboring over it just give it a stir every couple of minutes
grate up plenty of that
I'm attached to your there whats happened
are we still on
hang on there we go
we've got 8 minutes before that's done even you can grate Parmesan in 8 minutes
cheese is ready peas are ready watercress is ready
we can come back to it right at the end to finish it all off
after 7 or 8 minutes look at that a beautiful luxurious kind of risotto consistency and now we can add in
all our extra flavour so Parmesan
huge handful of what you did before that can all go in there
some creme fresh for extra creaminess like that
and our peas now these are just frozen peas we have let defrost so they are good to go
and then stir the whole thing together
and there's enough heat in that pasta to warm
those peas through and it stops the cooking it doesn't over cook
the sound effects of cooking
makes it a bit more fun doesn't it and then a squeeze of lemon juice
in there as well just to lift the flavours in the final moment and that's it as simple as that
beautiful consistency that relaxes on to the plate there we go and
to finish it off
here's a little bit of watercress nice peppery watercress there
on top
as if that's not enough
there we go if that isn't a cheat risotto to be proud of
pea and ham
with orzo pasta
sorted! you dont need to do that
thats what we do on our own channel here in jamie olivers were going to dig straight in so
format change
so i'm going to dig in
I can make this every day I reckon. its so quick there is no reason not to its actually really nice
the lemon everything else it cuts through
this is insanely good
its cheap its easy its creamy
well done you! little pots of pea
dont forget to subscribe to jamie olivers food tube for loads more videos like this and
if you want this recipe and all the details then go to our website sortedfood.com ... sorted!


豌豆和火腿 (Pea and Ham Orzo with Sortedfood)

1286 分類 收藏
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