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- Oh! - [Girl] Oh! (laughs)
- I didn't, yeah, you go ahead.
- Oh, are you sure?
- Yeah, yeah, no problem.
- [Girl] Thank you!
- Nice.
(awkward laughter)
- [Girl] Is Ned just going to watch me get coffee?
(pleasant music)
This is so intimate.
D'you have a good weekend?
- Oh, yeah, yeah, I was about to ask you that.
- Yeah, (laughs) I did!
- (laughs) Me too, me too.
- (laughs) Good.
Oh, hey!
- [Ned] Hey!
- [Girl] Interesting seating choice, sir!
Why did he sit next to me
when there are all these empty chairs?
This definitely means something.
- You know what this meeting is about?
- Yeah, I just prepared a little bit.
- Hey, Chris!
Come on, sit over here.
- [Chris] Oh, hey, what's up?
- Oh my god, are you still hungover?
- I can barely move from place to place.
- [Girl] (scoffs) Whatever.
I'm super busy.
- [Ned] (sighs) Hi!
- [Girl] Well, hello! (laughs)
This is such a coincidence.
Twice in one day?
(whispers) I think he's obsessed with me!
- Too much coffee, huh?
- (laughing) I have a very small bladder!
- W-what?
- He's always touching me!
- Hey!
Um, Ned was looking for you.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
- [Girl] He's finally ready to tell me his true feelings!
- I think he just wanted you
to email him notes on that meeting.
- Oh, okay.
- Mm, you should join the company softball team.
It's a lot of fun!
- I don't know how to throw things!
- [Ned] Oh, shoot.
- [Girl] Wait, is he trying
to spend time with me outside of work?
- Oh, Nick!
You know how to throw things?
- Oh hell, yeah!
- Yeah!
- You're in!
We got a person.
- Okay, too late, I guess!
I should have said yes!
He wants to see me outside of work!
- Ned had a lot of really great things to say about you!
- Oh, really?
Maybe Ned thinks our boss wants us to fall in love.
- Yeah, he said you really just took initiative
and took control of that last project.
That's great.
- Wow!
I should just grab him and kiss him in Conference Room B.
- [Boss] Uh, this way to our meeting, Allison.
- Oh, right! (laughs)
I was just thinking about the project.
- Oh.
There you go.
- [Allison] I bet he planned his exit
so it would be at the same time as me!
That's so romantic!
- You're going this way?
- (laughing) Yeah!
- Nice.
Do you think Justin and Quinta are secretly dating?
- I don't know.
Isn't that against company policy?
Super subtle, Ned!
- I don't think anyone would care.
- Who cares?
I wouldn't care! (laughs)
Follow your heart.
- Oh, hey, do you want to get drinks later?
- Sure! (laughs)
- Awesome!
(smooth music)
- (laughs) I know!
Oh, man, thanks for coming, Allison.
You got a hot date later or something?
(Allison laughs)
- Hey, everybody, cool boss is here.
Shots all around, on me!
- Oh, all right, all right!
- [Boss] Yup!
- [Ned] Yeah!
(Allison screams internally)
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