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Taiwan Trivia Episode 1
"How Yellow is Your Urine?"
Hello. When do you usually get off work?
Do you find yourself feeling constantly overwhelmed at the office?
If so, do you know of a small island country in the shape of a sweet potato called Taiwan?
What we’re about to see next is the daily workflow for an average Taiwanese worker.
It’s only 8 AM
and the Taiwanese are in the lead, already hunched over and working at his desk.
Behind them are the Japanese and American.
Wait a minute, is that a hangover spotted in the land of stars and stripes?
Oh just strolling into the office at a leisurely pace.
…And we have lost track of the Frenchman. Where is he?!
Oh! He’s still at the starting line!!
Now we’ll take a short break.
Hmm…yes, the way of the…tea…
And now let’s see what the Taiwanese bring out…
At 7pm, it’s time to clock off,
but the Taiwanese are still busy at work
while the Japanese has headed off to the bar for a drink.
Meanwhile, the American has just arrived home…
and the Frenchman is already lying in bed waiting for him.
The clock strikes 10 PM,
and the Taiwanese has headed back to his desk while chugging yet another Red Bull.
Now, it’s midnight,
and the Taiwanese has finally packed up their things, ready to head out
But oh no! The boss has sent
another work-related text that requires immediate action.
The average work hours of Taiwan employees
surpass those in Japan, France, and America,
yet they are paid a minuscule salary in comparison.
Although labor rights are pretty much non-existent in Taiwan,
its people do not fight for their rights as often as those in Western societies.
Most European countries not only offer better working conditions
but also show greater activism in the protection of labor rights.
For example, an average of 2% of the French workforce participates in a strike, annually.
As for Taiwan? 100% of its workers just grit their teeth and power through every year.
The Taiwanese are truly a “good” bunch of workers, aren’t they?
One of Taiwan’s wealthiest entrepreneurs often asks his employees:
“How yellow is your urine?”
He thinks that
if employees are truly hard at work,
they would not have time to drink water,
leaving more time to focus on work.
As a result,
their urine would simmer inside their bladders
to a beautiful amber reduction.
Indeed, he believes that workers with potential bladder problems make good employees.
If you finish work too early, then the boss will accuse you of not working hard enough.
let’s do a urine test for the employees of each country mentioned in this episode.
Findings from this test
reveal a honey-like color to the urine of Taiwanese workers;
a rather ominous shade of yellow for urinary health.
So, why is that the Taiwanese people seem to work like robots without ever complaining?
That is because Confucius said:
‘Solidarity’ is a virtue.”
Taiwanese people do not want to break this spirit of collaboration
and risk being considered “non-virtuous.”
So, when the time for clocking off comes around,
The whole office enters an awkward headlock in which
no one dares to be the first to leave.
The strong hierarchical culture of the workplace
makes it difficult for workers to leave before their employers.
for some unknown reason,
when a fellow colleague has a lighter workload,
rather than aspiring to join them in heaven;
we want to drag them down into work-laden hell with us
Naturally, the industrious nature of the Taiwanese people
has led to the development of a convenient lifestyle tailored for people that are always on the go.
Other than 24-hour conveniences stores, there are also restaurants, karaoke bars
and even book stores that operate around the clock.
So, next time you visit Taiwan,
come and enjoy our professional and courteous customer service,
competitive prices and great food.
After all, these are all products of the hard working industrious Taiwanese people!
And, just so you know,
the animation that you are currently viewing
is also the product of hard work and overtime efforts by the ‘Taiwan Trivia’ team
Disclaimer: We thank the nations that took part in this clip: America, France and Japan.
Any resemblance to actual events and scenarios is entirely coincidental. Terms and conditions apply.
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Otherwise, our production team would have had bladder problems for nothing.



《台灣二三事》「你的尿有多黃?」(Taiwan Trivia EP1 “How Yellow is Your Urine?”)

138369 分類 收藏
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“Taiwan Trivia” gets right to the point with self-deprecating humour. The grassroots spirit of Taiwan’s everyday life is revealed through each espisode, shedding light on issues that matter to the world in a Taiwanese context.

Season 1 will be released monthly in 2015. Episodes are narrated in English, currently with subtitles in: French, English, Japanese and Mandarin. More languages will added in future episodes. If you’d like to find out more or give us any of your thoughts, please feel free to contact us








have to go / need to go 想上廁所
off to the loo 去上廁所
go number one 小號
go number two 大號
take a leak 小號(leak:漏水)


女生的 "揪團尿尿" 文化 (Going To Pee: Guys VS. Girls)

比爾蓋茲化便便水為神奇?主持人喝給你看!Bill Gates and Jimmy Drink Poop Water

the land of stars and stripes0:36
到底什麼是 stars(星星)跟 stripes(條紋)之地呢?其實就是美國的意思,因為美國國旗圖案是 50 顆星星以及 13 個紅白相間條紋。50 顆星星代表美國現在的 50 州,而 13 個條文則是美國建國時的 13 個殖民地。一起來看哪些字也是用來象徵美國的吧~

Uncle Sam (n.) 山姆大叔(象徵美國政府)
E.g., The bad economy is probably going to cost Uncle Sam tons of money to stimulate.

the land of the free (n.) 自由之地(象徵美國)
E.g., People leave their countries the go to the land of the free in pursuit of their American dreams.

star-spangled banner (n.) 星條旗(美國國歌)
E.g., The athlete burst into tears when hearing the star-spangled banner during the award ceremony.



lost track of0:40
track 意思是足跡, lose track of 這個片語則是「失去...的線索」,或是「不清楚...的情形」。與 lose track of 相反的 keep track of ,意思是「了解...的情形」,或是「紀錄...」。後面都可以接人或事物。

lose track of (v.) 失去...的線索;不清楚...的情形
E.g., I was playing online games and lost track of time, and therefore was late for the meeting.

keep track of (v.) 了解...的情形;紀錄...
E.g., The doctor told Matt, who was trying to lose weight, to keep track of what he’s eating.

track 還有其他什麼用法呢?

on the right / wrong track (adj.) 做對 / 錯的事情;方向對 / 錯了
E.g., The teacher’s feedback made us realize that we’re on the wrong track.

grit their teeth2:07
grit one’s teeth 就跟中文的「咬緊牙關」一樣的意思,也可以來形容生氣時「咬牙切齒」的表情。有一個容易混淆的詞 -- grind one’s teeth 則是用來說晚上睡覺的磨牙。除了 grit one’s teeth 之外,來看一下 teeth 相關的片語:

show one’s teeth (v.) 用權勢來威嚇別人;動怒
E.g., William showed his teeth when he saw guys flirting with his girlfriend.

sink one’s teeth into (v.) 吃;投入於...;卯足全力
E.g., I can sit in the library and sink my teeth into Jane Austin’s books all day.

by the skin of one’s teeth (adv.) 差一點
E.g., I woke up incredibly late, but I made it to class on time by the skin of my teeth.

enters an awkward headlock3:20
headlock 原意是指摔角比賽當中,將對手的頭緊夾在自己腋下的一種方法。在這裡 enters an awkward headlock 意思是指「進入對峙的場面」,情況非常緊張。
E.g., The final two contests were in a headlock with their points so close.

tailored for3:50
tailor 原本意思是「修改衣服」,這裡 be tailored for 則是指「使適用於...」
E.g., Our system is designed perfectly, and is tailored for all types of users.




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