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Innovation comes in two forms.
It either takes something simple and makes it more advanced,
such as multimedia messages to those self-deleting photos that you sent to your friends.
Or innovation takes something complicated and simplifies it,
such as DVDs to online streaming videos,
which leads us to mankind's next great innovation: instant curry noodles!
They actually taste like the restaurant!
Alright, listen up, everybody! Some you may know this brand, and some you may not.
But just so you know, our Ibumie Penang white curry noodles are the next great instant noodles in the game!
You heard it here first! Joining us here today is one of the fob friend, Crystal.
Hi! Check out my beanie! I made it myself!
Nice! and of course, our chief, Shiiba-San!
alright, our chief, Shiiba-San,
so the challenge today is to cook these Ibumie white Penang curry noodles, five delicious different ways.
Are you ready? -I'm ready.
Let's get into it!
Yo, Tim, why does it seem like everybody likes curry, but nobody actually cooks at home?
First of all, curry takes a long time to make,
and second of all, curry makes your whole house smell.
So you got your classic noodles. You got the seasoning powder,
and then you got the kicker, curry paste.
Any good curry has layers. Layer to the curry! Layer to the curry!
Yo! That curry paste is authentic. Can I say that?
Yes! You can!
Can I say that? -Yes! You can!
(Japanese) You must prepare, you'll have to to cut these, bell peppers.
So if you take out the seeds out of the bell pepper, and it's not hot, is it just a bell?
All the curry flavor! Without the curry labor!
Yo, Chief Shiiba-San, what's the next curry recipe?
Curry fries!
Whoa!! How are you gonna do that?
We're gonna thicken the curry.
Guys, how are you gonna thicken the curry? Are you gonna make it do squats?
No, we are gonna put corn starch in it.
So there's two main ways to thicken the curry. You add a bunch of corn starch, or you put a bunch of potatoes in.
We're gonna do both.
I'm in love with the corn starch, corn starch!
Thicken the curry! They're gonna thicken the curry!
Alright, so we just cook the potatoes. We're gonna put them in.
We're gonna mash it up and it's really gonna thicken it up.
White curry fries!
Hold on!
One more thing! Instagram.
This is the Southeast Asian poutine, man.
I've got them in the American side, and I've got them in the Asian side.
And both of my sides are loving this!
Someone could base a whole food truck on this!
Call it the Curry in the Hurry.
Alright, Tim, what's down No. 3?
Curry chicken and vegetables over rice.
Alright guys, since we've already spent the time thickening the curry,
all we're gonna do is pan fry some vegetables, add some chicken,
mix it altogether, and put it over rice.
Ibumie! Ibumie! Boo! Ibumie! Ibumie! Boo!
Chicken! Boil!
Damn! San! That looks like you got it at the restaurant!
So you don't need to tell me that you guys turn this... into that!
I'm Stephen Curry with a shot, get curry with the pot, boy!
Curry, rice, chicken, how can you go wrong?
This Penang white curry sauce is super versatile.
Yo, guys! I got some leftovers.
Leftovers, I don't know, I'm done, just...
I am Baymax I have a solution to your leftover issue.
Baymax to the rescue!
Let's spice it up, with Ibumie curry!
Penang white curry fried rice, let's go!
Ok, so Tim, you're about to place the curry powder into the fried rice and stir fry it together.
Yes, this is the dry style
Yes, this is the dry style
Dry style!
My Gosh! Baymax, you saved these leftovers.
Penang white curry, leftovers, that's a combination like a rock group.
Ok! Ok! So Baymax, is Japanese. Tim, is also Japanese.
So I guess that means...
We're going some Japanese style Penang white curry ramen!
I got chicken broth. I got some eggs. I got some sausages.
And we're gonna put them all together with the...white curry!
I'm gonna assume that's some variation of... Let's dig in!
So let's look at some of the elements we got here:
the sausages, corn, bamboo shoots,
soy sauce, eggs, spinach, chopped onions.
I love how you fused the Japanese elements with the Southeast Asian elements of the curry.
It's all Asia, right?
Did you just create Penang white curry ramen?
Yes, I did.
Raise your hand, if in the world, you have done that before.
I must say, and excuse my proper English, the Ibumei Penang white curry ramen was off the chain.
Alright, Tim, what surprised you about working with the Ibumei white curry?
It was actually really spicy. Put that little packet, that packs a punch, man!
I was really surprised and pleased, cause I like a little kick with my ramen.
I think it's safe to say that this Ibumei pack...packs a punch!
Alright, I think it's really crazy because most people do not eat curry noodles at all,
so to eat creamy white curry noodles at home, real easy, crazy...
At any given time in the Asian world, there's a new trend of snack, there's a new trend of ramen.
Ibumei Penang white curry noodles is the next one up.
You're looking at trying some new instant noodles? This is it!
Thank you, everybody, for watching the video.
Shout out to Tim Shiiba aka Shiiba San You wanna follow him on Instagram, check out his um, link below.
And then also follow Crystal on Instagram, so thank you Crystal for coming through.
And also shout out to Ibumei White Penang curry noodles because those are delicious! and it's really spicy.
But if you need some noodles, I will definitely recommend trying a mouth.
Anyways, subscribe to our channel.
Uh... watch this video right here on the right; watch this video here on the left.
My name is Andrew. That was my brother, David. We're out!



25944 分類 收藏
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