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Oh my God, Brandon is my best friend.
Yes, Brandons, all Brandons, they're like best friends.
Yeah, they're super sweet people.
I think Brian is a trustworthy name. And Ryan is a hot name.
Ryan's like your friend too.
Nick is totally your friend's name. Yeah, I just think Nick is Nick. I think Nick is very unoffensive.
Nicks are a good name. Yeah, if your name's Nick, like you're fine, everyone's gonna like you.
I feel like Jacks, for some reason, I get a vibe that they're gonna swindle you,
or they're the ones that are gonna cheat on you.
Red flag name, TJ, RJ. Josh is a red flag.
Like RJ, TJ, PJ
No, Jacob's a creep. Jacob's stupid.
Don't do this with Jacob again. (Yeah) You hear that
Anybody who goes by their last name. That's my favorite!
David, David's a powerful guy name, like Michael, classic names. (Yeah)
William, oh yeah, especially if they do the whole name.
I feel like Liams are business guys. I see them suited up.
If you have a friend, a girlfriend that you're concerned about, and she tells you she started to date a William,
It's kind of one of those things where it's like...It's gonna be okay. She's gonna be okay.
The name that I am most likely to be like a guy who's kind of gross is Adam.
Oh, I love the name Adam!
Adams are like I finger-banged someone in the bathroom and didn't wash my hand.
I also could never say Bob and be serious about it.
Like I could never be in a fight with someone and be like come on Bob!
Steve, oh, it sounds like a nerd.
It's tough to be a Steve.
Frank, I think Frank is not a good looking guy.
See, here's a thing, the name Frank is kind of like whatever, but then I happen to know some like really hot Franks.
Really? Do I?
I would love to say that I ended up with a Dylan.
I would love to date a Brandon.
Of course you would!
I've always wanted to date a James.
Ethan, ooh. Surfer boy. Ooh, totally.
Ethan, you like Ethan. I love Ethan.
I like Ethan. Ethans are confident.
Just smoking hot, has this amazing sense of humor.
Oh, I love Jake. Jake is my favorite male name.
Jack is rugged. Yeah. Jake is like the heartthrob.
Very fit, very cool. He's got the nicest five o'clock shadow you've ever seen.
I think Parker is a hot name.
Parker is so sexy.
Have you ever met a Parker? No!
Maybe that's why it's sexy.
I know, yeah.



你上榜了嗎?女孩們是怎麼想這些男生名字呢?(中英字幕) What Girls Think Of Boy Names

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