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It's 2015. Smart watches are prevalent. Android wear has made a name for itself.
And now we await Apple's offering which sets a debut later this year.
But if we took a step back, 20 years back,
Bill Clinton was President of the United States;
Michael Jordan returned from a brief retirement; Ebay was founded;
Kevin Nash, AKA Diesel, the British John Michaels for the WWF Championship.
And Apple offered something that most of us may have forgotten about, or even knew existed.
And that is the original Apple Watch.
So only the upcoming Apple Watch, Apple didn't sell it as an individual product.
Rather, they use it as an incentive to upgrade to Macintosh System 7.5,
and you can either choose it, or Conflict Catcher 3.
It didn't have Bluetooth or Wi-fi, but it did feature anodized aluminum, a super attractive blue bezel
that colorful multicolor Apple logo, scratch-resistant glass,.
Japanese quarts timing and had Mac OS embossed across the band
So naturally having a piece of tech history,
I thought it would be fun to surprise a few of my friends and see what they thought.
I have no idea what's happening in this video, so they won't tell me.
No one will tell me. They just “Hey! You don't know what's going on yet, haha!”
That was kind of like a comical like a Mickey Mouse watch.
What is it supposed to do?
Alright, first of all, the Mac OS on the band. That's awesome.
I guess it's alright. I don't know. I probably won't wear it.
I've never seen one of these in my entire life.
You, you asked me this kind of question.
I come up with what I think is something reasonably coherent to say your…
I'm done!
That blue is bad I think. I get it on.
Does this even fit my wrist? This is like a woman's.
Hey, check it. Check it against a G-SHOCK. Look at that.
I'll put in in the G-SHOCK.
Look at this. There's your Apple Watch.
There's no tech in this. It's just a regular watch.
Scream for Mac OS, the obviously. But I like this. It's very thin.
Whoa! It's got like the curly second hand.
The thing is I've never used any analog watches, so I can't actually tell the time,
but I'll wear it, just cause it looks just kinda neat, so it's cool.
1995? Oh, 3.
In 95, I was what, 7 years old?
In 95, the year I was born.
Yeah, I wasn't born.
I was 1 year old,
so I wouldn't be old enough to remember any of this.
Nothing. It's just a watch.
I like the metallic blue…And, and the old school Apple logo.
I think they need to bring that back and a lot of things. -That's what I said, too!
Yeah, yeah, definitely. The old school Apple logo's nice.
It's got Steve Jobs all over it. No, it's cool though.
I like it that it's actually metal, like it looks cartoony at first
cause it's blue and bright everything, but it's actually stainless steel.
And I feel like this would be a watch that someone would actually wear if they were into analog watches.
I'm done. I like it.
It's light, like you can tell the design language,
this, you know, for me through the whole, the whole eco system.
I like the colors, they very popping, definitely eye-catching.
This is really a stylist watch. It's very simple,
and you know, it's, it's a classic, so that's what makes it better.
But it's not like an old old school classic,
like you told me it was from 95, and I couldn't believe it.
This looks like something that was made recently.
You know what, everyone saying that the Apple Watch wouldn't be round, they were wrong. Very round.
Does it run Android Wear?


史上首支蘋果手錶 The Original Apple Watch.

7463 分類 收藏
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