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- Hi I'm Eugenie, @feralcreature.
We're in downtown.
We're currently scouting for cool spots
for me to do my ootd, outfit of the day.
Because I had consistent quality content
Instagram featured me on the suggested user list too
so that helped boost my numbers by like
a quarter of what you see now.
I started a couple of months after Instagram's inception
so I had no idea what I was doing.
When I'm searching for the perfect spot
to take a photo, if I'm at home I look for really clean
crisp architecture and if I'm abroad
then I look for architecture that fits the vibe
of whatever city I'm in.
In ootd, is a hashtag used mostly on Instagram,
but it means "outfit of the day".
I do ootds almost every day.
Ok, so I am actually five three,
possibly five two but I'm in denial.
So whenever people take pictures of me
I always ask that they squat and take a picture of me
angled up so I look taller,
or else I get little tiny legs.
We don't want that.
The people who take my photos
if it's on the iPhone, it's whoever I'm with,
even my mom, my dad,
but if it's on, through DSLR
then I have my photographer Randy take my photos.
- [Ryan] One --
- [Eugenia] Take a couple.
- [Ryan] Ok.
- [Eugenia] Good? - [Ryan] Yeah.
- He's got it, he's got it.
When I was like 18,
I thought I wanted to be a photographer
but that's before I knew I was really bad at it.
I quit but being an Instagramer has really opened my eyes
to new perspectives
and I can't say I'm anywhere near as talented as a photographer
but it has opened my eyes to how the photographer
sees the world.
I had been coloring my hair since I was 15.
I did all the crazy colors in high school.
I had like dip dyed hair before it was even a thing.
I recently stopped a couple of months ago
because I wanted to go back to blonde,
and I noticed that people didn't like it as much.
I think my fans know what looks good on me,
so I have colored hair again.
I think people used to be surprised that
you can make money off Instagram
but I find that nowadays less and less people
are surprised because Instagram is such a huge part
of everybody's life, you know.
Some brands I've worked with are Acura, W Hotels, Puma,
nowadays I blog maybe every other day
because I'm so busy.
But I think you should Instagram every single day.
I'm gonna try to get a good Instagram food photo for you.
I don't like place mats.
We're taking the place mats out.
The cups, the condensation has left
like rings on the table so you wanna clean that up.
And it doesn't need to be like super lined up,
parallel to the table or anything,
it's kinda nice to see it a little askew.
I like to get it from
an eagle's eye point of view.
So I like to edit my photos through VscoCam.
My favorite filters are S2 and A6.
The biggest hurdle for this photo was
retouching all the little specs on the table
because the dust was really prominent in this photo.
I retouched the stains on the silverware,
the dust on the table.
It's just like photography in general, you know,
nothing's gonna be perfect right when you capture the photo.
So you need to fix it.
I figure that if you can make a photo better, then why not?



我靠 Instagram 養活自己!怎麼辦到的? (Making A Living On Instagram)

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Vicky 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 26 日    gahui yu 翻譯    Ann 審核


現在 Instagram 已經成為每天必訪的 app 之一,人人都可以一秒變網美!小 V 今天要帶大家來看網美中的網美 Eugenie Grey ,她的粉絲已經破 43 萬了! 今天 Eugenie 要來教大家如何拍出神穿搭跟超不科學的食物照!想變水水的凡人們站出來,準備好筆記,跟著小 V 一起上網美課!

scout 是動詞,有「偵察、搜索」的意思,例如:
They sent an aircraft up into the air to scout the target.

These men were chosen to scout out a safer area.

另外,scout 也可以當名詞,是「偵察兵、偵察機」,也有「童子軍」的意思,例如:
Sally used to be a girl scout at school.
Sally 曾經是學校的童子軍。

2in denial1:04
in denial 這個片語的意思是「否認、否定」,通常會放在 be 動詞後面,例如:
Don't be in denial about any results that you see.

Studies show that people who are overdetermined in their denial will resort to formal language.

如果要形容一個人「逃避現實」,可以用 stay/live in denial 這個片語。
She knew that she could not stay in denial anymore.

DSLR 是 Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera 的縮寫,也就是常見的「數位單眼相機」,lens 是「鏡頭」。而我們也常聽到「類單眼」叫做 SLR-Like,國外較常見的類單眼是 Advanced Digital Camera (高階輕便型自動相機)。
另外,相對於數位相機 (digital camera),底片相機就是 film camera ,像是拍立得 (Polaroid)、 LOMO 相機。

condensation 是名詞,在這裡指「凝結的水珠」,它的動詞是 condense ,「凝結」。例如:
The heat released by condensation becomes the energy that drives huge upward draft of air.

而在水循環 (hydrologic cycle) 中 condensation 的反義詞是 vaporization 「蒸發」,例如:
The process that causes the water to evaporate call vaporization.

filter 在這裡是名詞,指「濾鏡」,而 filter 作爲名詞時也有「過濾器」 的意思。同時,filter 也可以是動詞,指「過濾、篩選」,加介系詞 off/out。例如:
We filter in specific information and details from our experience.

This machine could effectively filter out suspended solids in the liquid and other impurities.

看完了 Eugenie 水水教學,你有沒有覺得自己學到了一課呢?現在的網美如雨後春筍般出現,個個都大有來頭,值得學習!小 V 要來找一間早午餐店練習幫食物拍照,我們下次見囉!

文/ Jenny Hsu




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